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We sell 100% Virgin Hair Extentions! We sell Brazilian, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Peruvian all 7AAAAAAA Quality! I am a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in healthy hair care and natural hair extensions. A deposit must be paid for any weave extension service to confirm your appointment and is deducted from total! Your deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to 1 other appointment, if you can not make this appointment. After that 1 transfer and that appointment can not be made, another deposit will have to be made for your next appointment. Absolutely no extra guests unless getting a service or children. This is an adult environment and space is limited for clients getting a service. If you are 15 min late for your appointment there will be a $15 late fee applied to your service. If you are more then 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled and there will be a $30 fee added to your service if there is another time slot available for that day. Thanks for your business queen!
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Our Services

Dynasty WIG UNIT SPECIAL! (Dynasty Bundles)
Have OLD Dynasty Bundles? Get on this special just for you Queen! For just $175 Limited time only! Deposit of $25 is due at appointment booking and deducted from total! Customization is not included, if desired added fees will be additional
Dynasty Wig Unit Special (Bringing in your own bundles)
Have OLD Bundles? Get on this special just for you Queen! For just $185 Limited time only! Deposit of $25 is due at appointment booking and deducted from total! Customization is not included, if desired added fees will be additional
24 Hr Wig Unit Construction
Service must be paid in full at drop off time. Head will be measured for custom fitting. HAIRS MUST BE THROUGHLY CLEANED. SHAMPOOING WILL BE ADDITIONAL FEE. COLORING IS NOT INCLUDED, WILL ALSO BE ADDITIONAL FEES. Drop off schedule: Monday pick up Tuesday Tuesday pick up Wednesday Wednesday pick up Thursday Thursday - Saturday pick up Monday Sunday CLOSED
Sew In Deposit
Must be paid before appointment is confirmed for any sew installs. An INVOICE will be sent out to your email for payment and is deducted from your total.
VIP Tuesday Appt Fee (For natural hair styling only)
Standard Styles
VIP Tuesday Appt Fee (for weave installs only)
Weave Installs
Hair Trim
Just a slight cut to your hair ends that are split and not needed to make you hair easier to manage and look and feel healthier.
Natural Hair Cut
Includes trimming, cutting, or layering to give hair more body and shape.
Extentions Cut
Layers cut into a style for hair extensions
Natural Hair Deep Conditioner
Deep conditioner for natural hair only.
Sugar Shine Condtioning System
New treatment to add a natural polish to your natural hair! Treatment Includes: Polishing Hair Scrub Sugar Shine Shampoo Sugar Shine Conditioning Treatment Adds more silkiness, body, & movement!
Silk Press Penetrating System
The perfect add-on service to your silk press! This service adds a layer of protection against heat damage, and gives your natural hair the moisture to thrive!
Re Curl (natural hair)
Re Curl (Weave Extentions)
Wand Curls (No Shampoo)
Just wand curls and hair must be previously shampooed before service.
Spot Relaxer
Virgin Relaxer
Relaxer with Flat Iron or Roller Wrap
Includes style with pricing and deep conditioning treatment
Relaxer & Style
Relaxer includes styling such as spiral curls, up styles, not including extentions
Natural Hair Shampoo & Flat Iron
Can be straightened, or made for fullness
Roller Wrap
Washing hair, rolling, being set under dryer, and then wrapped to achieve bouncy and full of body hair.
Transitional flat iron
Silk Press
A flat iron on weave and natural hair only. Hair must be detangled.
Shampoo & Wand Curls
Hair shampooed and curled with a wand.
Shampoo (Weave Extentions)
Bundle Shampoo
$10 per bundle. Just to shampoo single bundles. Usually done when getting a new install to freshen up hairs.
Wig Unit Shampoo
Just to shampoo a wig unit with bundles already on it. Prices go up when its over 3 bundles.
Wig unit shampoo and style
Just maintenance for the unit only.
Rod Spiral Style
Spiral Styles/ Twist Outs
Short Style (tamper cuts)
Partial Installment
Includes enough leave out to change partings and able to be pulled up in a natural ponytail (A deposit of $50 must be paid before appointment is made, which is deducted from total)
Bonded Takedowns
Sew in Takedown
Deep Conditioners (Weave)
Weave Styles (Upstyles)
Adding Tracks (Glue/Bond in)
$10 per row added
Adding Tracks (Sew in)
$20 per row
Lace Closure Tightening
Re-Tightening of Lace Frontal
Lace Frontal Maintenance. Price includes taking off of frontal, shampooing of frontal to get residue off and applying it back.
Wig Placement
Includes a wash if needed, braid down, sew or clip in of unit, and unit styled. The wig unit must be made by me in order for me to install it; If not, your appointment will be automatically be cancelled.
Braid Down for Wig Unit
Lace Frontal unit application
$50 deposit required. This includes only applying the unit. Hair must already be braided down.
Quickweave Installment (w/Leave out)
$25 deposit required.
Quick Weave Bob
Quick weave installment with minimum Leave out cut into an angle bob.
Quickweave Installment (W/Handmade closure)
$25 deposit required.
Quickweave Installment (W/Lace closure)
$25 deposit required.
Quickweave Installment with Lace Frontal
$25 deposit required. Bonded Installment or Quick weave with absolutely no leave out. Lace frontals and hair can be purchased from my hair company, www.dynastyelitehair.com. If you are bringing your own frontal, please have it to the salon at least 72 hours before your appointment for prepping. If it is not brought in by this time you will have to reschedule your appointment. A deposit of $50 must be paid for confirmation of appointment. This is non-refundable but can be transferred to 1 other appointment one time and your original appointment must be cancelled 24 hours for deposit to transfer. Please enter your email address an invoice can be sent directly to you.
Quick sew Installment with minumum leave out
$50 deposit required. Quick sews are bond ins sew in down to head to give you the versatility to shampoo hair, and it will last for months.
Quick Sew Installment with lace closure
$50 deposit required.
Quick Sew Installment with Lace Frontal
$50 deposit required.
Minimum Leave Out Installment
Only enough leave out for 1 parting (middle, or side partings). Partings can not be changed for the entire install. Can still have leave out for a natural ponytail. ($50 deposit is required to set an appointment)
4 or more bundle installment
Add an extra $25 to your installment service.
Full installment with Handmade Closure
Full Installment with no leave out ($50 deposit is required to set an appointment)
2 Part Installment
3 Part Sew Installation
1 Part Lace Closure Installment
Installment with only 1 parting the entire install. Can be on the middle and or side partings. ($50 deposit must be made to set the appointment)
3 Part Lace Closure Installment
Silk Base Closure Install
No leave out. Can be parted in any direction middle, or either side or can be installed for just 1 parting. Deposit of $50 must be paid before booking appts
Universal/Silk Base Closure Sew in
Vixen Installation
Frontal Installment
Deposit required. Invoice will be sent to email when appointment is booked. The deposit is deducted from the total price. Weekly or every two weeks hair maintenance service is required. If purchasing hair from Dynasty Elite Hair, the hair must be paid in full before the appointment. If purchasing hair from somewhere else, bring the hair in 72 hours before your appointment. Frontal shedding is normal.
Braidless Installments
Rinse color
Semi Permanent Color
Demi Permanent
Black Color (PER BUNDLE)
Bring hair a week in advance.
Bundle Color (Brown/Bronze tones)
Bring hair a week in advance.
Bundle Color (Blonde Tones)
Bring hair a week in advance.
Highlights (Partial Head)
Highlights (Full Head)

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