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Our Services

Royal Haircut
Any fading and\or scissor work. Optional straight razor on the back of the neck. Shampooing and conditioning of the hair and cleaning of eyebrows, ear hair and nose hair.... followed by a deep cleansing scalp massage. Service is then topped with a professional hairstyling of your choice.
Classic Haircut
Any clipper and scissor work along with straight razor on the back of the neck and hair styling.
Not a haircut only a -Line up. Optional razor on the back of the neck included.
Royal Cut and Shave
Our signature Haircut, shampoo, scalp massage and style. Followed by our exclusive Turkish Shave. A 45min procedure kick off with a complimentary shot of whiskey. Too exclusive to lavish online, must come in and see for yourself. Full Satisfaction guaranteed.
Classic Cut and Shave
Any mens haircut. Includes razor on the back of the neck and a professional hair styling. Followed by our traditional hot towel shave which includes lather, hot towel and straight edge razor on the neck to insure a CLEEN shave.
Haircut and Beard Trim
Exfoliation of beard and face. Haircut and style. Also Includes partial razor work and edge up on beard and conditioning!
Royal Shave!
Best Hot Towel Shave in downtown Orlando. Complimentary shot of whiskey followed by the art of shaving oils and lather. Two rounds with the straight razor 2 Hot towels and a scalp massage. This shave will make you feel like your sipping tea on the outskirts of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosporus.
Classic hot-towel Shave.
Straight razor. Shave creme and hot Lather. Hot towels and face massage.
Beard Trim
Exfoliation of beard and face. Clipper and Straight razor clean up. Optional clipper and scissor trim. and conditioning of beard.
Black Mask
Deep facial pore and black head cleanser
One guard all the way around with a line up.
Mens Facial
Includes steamer and exfoiliating cleansing mask and concluded with a deep facial massage enriched with our Organic essential Oils and blackhead cleansing mask!
Classic Kids Haircut
Come in and enjoy our family friendly environment!

Our Staff

Eris Hysa
Master Barber\Owner Eris Hysa.
Jonathan Merced
Master Barber\ Manager. Jonathan Merced.