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Hello, my name is Daniel Salgado and I'm using skills that I trained for Auto Restoration to repair and sell vehicles, parts, antiques, tools and other reusable items of all types for the auto, boat, home, garden and for personal use. We have two online stores websites at Auto Fashions & Dreamscapes Mill for you. One is for "Automotive" and the other is for -"Non-automotive" products and services We will upload to websites when we are not busy offline. Please take the time to leave a voice message when calling 919-542-5566. I will call next time I'm at my desk, otherwise book an online appointment where we can both meet on time by a telephone phone and a computer to discuss your shopping needs and questions or book an appointment to meet up in person with you at your place during daylight business hours. Please do not drop by our business unannounced without making an appointment by telephone. Please do not send text to our shop phone number. It can only receive voicemail. Thank you!
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Appointments by telephone and computer
Telephone appointment are FREE. Once you book this confirms you're serious and not giving us the runaround to speak on the phone at the same time we are both near a desktop, tablet or laptop computer.
Appointments at your place
This confirms you're serious and not giving us the runaround with our time when we drive arrive at your place. Service work or pick up an item to be repaired at our shop requires a $20.00 up front fee up to 60 miles round trip to help pay for gas-If distance is further we can discuss the terms over the telephone. Please keep your appointment!! There will be an additional charge of $5.00 if you cancel or don't keep your appointment once 15 minutes have passed after we arrive at your place during day time hours-Thank you

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