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Scroll down and see services. Call 919-542-5566 to make an appointment in person so driveway gate will be open for you! We have access to over 350,000 products brand new or second hand. Not everything has been documented and posted yet to our website URL links on this page highlighted in blue. Be sure to click on (change location) above to see Dreamscapes Mill: for Non automotive product and services website URL links Please do not drop by our business unannounced without booking an online appointment. Please do not send text to our 919-542-5566. It can only receive voicemail. Thank you!
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8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Our Services

Appointments at shop or Product Theater
Let's have a Video Chat with your phone and mine and I will show you product in more detail. Registration is required, if you miss your appointment by the telephone there is a $5.00 inconvenience fee. Please read more in the cancelation policy during registration of your credit card with Square processing.. Once you book this you can always come back later and sign in using your phone number without putting in your credit card again. This confirms you're serious and not giving us the runaround with our time. We can both seat down near a desktop, tablet or laptop computer to discuss products and services over the phone and see what we are talking about. You don't have to show your face unless you feel comfortable.
Installation, pick up or deliveries to or at your place
This confirms you're serious and not giving us the runaround with our time when we drive to your place. Estimates, Home services, Installation work or pick up an item from your place to our shop requires a $20.00 up front fee for each 60 miles round trip to help pay for our gas. If traveling time is within a 35 miles round trip we be happy to credit your money back. It’s not just waste to us! Thrifty items that you have stored in your garage or shed that you no longer want. We do our best to recycle as much of it as we can. When you order this service to pick up you are helping keep recyclable material out of the landfill and putt things back into reuse either for yourself or we will try to fix it or sell it for you.

Our Staff

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