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Click blue button to book an appointment. Hello, my name is Daniel Salgado and I'm using skills that I trained for Auto Restoration to sell auto parts, repair vehicles and other new or reusable items of all types for the auto, boat, home, garden or for personal use on the website on this page >>>>. We have access to 350,000 products, but not everything has been documented yet on website. Be sure to click on (change location) above to see Dreamscapes Mill: for Non automotive product and services Please do not drop by our business unannounced without booking an online appointment. Please do not send text to our shop phone number. It can only receive voicemail. Thank you!
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Our Services

Appointments by telephone and computer
Telephone appointment with the use of another computer is FREE, but if you miss your appointment by the telephone there is a $5.00 inconvenience fee. Please read more in the cancelation policy during registration. Once you book this confirms we will know you're serious and not giving us the runaround with our time. We can both seat down near a desktop, tablet or laptop computer to discuss products and services over the phone.
Appointments at your place
This confirms you're serious and not giving us the runaround with our time when we drive to your place. Estimates, Service work, Installation work or pick up an item from your place to our shop requires a $20.00 up front fee for each 60 miles round trip to help pay for gas. Please keep your appointment!! there are no refunds on service trips

Our Staff

Daniel Salgado