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Our Services

Initial Consultation
• Review the health of your skin • Identify Acne Triggers • Create a specialized Regimen that fits your individual treatment needs • Be sure to complete the New Client Questionnaire (available on the Saving Faces website under the Clear Skin Program link)
Acne Follow-up Treatment
Treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and skin analysis. Next, a blue LED light panel is placed over the face to kill the acne causing bacteria.A custom exfoliation is selected, (mild chemical peel or enzyme with steam) depending on current condition of the skin. Extractions and disinfecting of the skin finishing with a water based moisturizer and sunscreen.
Custom Rejuvenating Facial
Tailored to your specific skin concerns. Warm aromatherapy compresses begin this facial. A gentle enzyme with steam draws out impurities and prepares the skin for extractions. Next, a soothing signature massage of the head, neck, and décolleté are followed by an appropriate serum and finishing mask. Eyebrow clean-up is included in this service. *A light chemical peel may be substituted for the enzyme based on skin type and concern.
Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion with Red LED
Red LED light therapy promotes skin tightening and regeneration. Medical-grade stainless steel safely exfoliates and relieves the signs of sun damage and superficial discoloration. Reduces scarring and fine lines. Bright, beautiful skin is revealed.
Age-Defying Vitamin C Peel
This powerful skin treatment instantly transforms skin by removing lifeless skin cells and building collagen and elastin. Tone, texture, and elasticity are dramatically improved in just one treatment. Your complexion will glow, while looking more youthful and radiant!
Chinese Acupressure Facial
Superior stress relief – improves circulation, skin tone, and elasticity. Brings balance to the body. Rosemary foot bath, light facial cleansing, then the Chinese acupressure technique begins. Key points on the face and head are pressed with a firm but gentle touch to improve overall well-being by balancing energy, or Chi, in the body. Finishing mask and moisturizers to complete. You emerge feeling deeply nurtured and restored!
Eye Brow Wax
Product Pickup
Deluxe Foot Care
Deluxe foot care treatment! For Men and Women. Himalayan and Epsom Salt foot bath to soften and soothe tired feet,meticulous cleaning and trimming of the nails followed by a fabulous foot massage with elements of reflexology. NO POLISH. Just clean Happy Feet.
Body Bliss Spa Body Polish
Gentle grains buff your skin silky smooth. Next, shoulders down to your toes are massaged with a rich body butter and pure essential oils for deep hydration.
Lip Wax
Acne Follow-up Back Treatment
Frustrated by painful cysts that just won't go away or past acne marks that just won't fade? Then this treatment is for you! * Usually requires more than one treatment plus Homecare Products.
The Rezenerate Age-Defying Facial For: Lines and Wrinkles,Firming
This facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you feeling and looking longer. We begin with a thorough cleansing and skin analysis followed by custom exfoliation and light extractions. A red LED panel is placed over the entire face for 15-20 min. to firm and brighten the skin. Next, we enhance this treatment with the Rezenerate Wand to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin. This leads to greater absorption of a high-grade, nutrient-packed serum for immediate plumpness and hydration. Finishing mask, appropriate moisturizer, eye and lip cream, and a sunscreen complete this treatment. Although a single treatment produces a visible change, a series produces the most effective for lasting change. A single treatment, 60min. $95 Series of 1 per week for 4 weeks is $323
Glycolic Peel
This powerful treatment improves skin tone and texture, lightens pigmentation, and stimulates collagen production. It also treats grade 1 and grade 2 acne while removing superficial keratoses.( Not recommended for sensitive skin types.) 60min. $80
L.E.D. Facial Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles, Acne and Acne Scarring
Remarkable improvement in your skin can be achieved with the LED panel. Fantastic at reducing lines and wrinkles as well as acne and acne scarring. Light cleansing followed by 20 min. of the LED Panel and a sunscreen completes this treatment. A series of 3xs per week for 4 weeks for best results.
Lash Tint
Upper and lower lashes are tinted with a cream hair dye.
Eye Brow Tint
Eye Brows are tinted with a cream hair dye.

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