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Professional Golf Fitting by Master Fitting Builder and Owners Mark Vallier & Kirk James. 40 YEARS OF CLUB REPAIR AND FITTING EXPERIENCE. We have a great knowledge of clubs and shafts, and understand the physics of spin, launch and trajectory. When you come for you fitting, please remember to bring: Golf Shoes; Current Golf Clubs; Golf Glove if you use one. This will help us get the most out of your time in our facility and ensure that we set you up with the right equipment.
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Our Services

Direct Purchase
You know what you want? Stop by our shop and one of us will take your order, we will perform the required analytics on your current set and ask pertinent questions regarding your game. No fitting required if you know what you want. No fee, no testing, you already know what you want. We are equipment experts that can provide the best information. Come see us.
Full Bag Fitting (Analyze Current Set Makeup)
This option is designed to optimize the entire set. Mark & Kirk will do specific analytics to determine the bag set makeup and where to improve current clubs. Our goal is to improve what you currently play, but not up sell based on MK Golf's proven methods of improvement that we have adopted. Experience is our best attribute. When selecting this session, understand that we may break up into two sessions due to possible player fatigue. (2nd session @ NC) Schedule first session, and then during the session we will set up a follow up session if necessary. If you are from out of town and cannot return for a second session, please indicate that in the comment section and we will extend the session to accommodate your schedule. Due to extended time constraints, schedule a full fitting @ 9AM or 1PM. Mark & Kirk
All Seniors! - 65+ & Military (currently serving)
This service is for Driver, FW, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, Putters for all Seniors or military service members currently serving in the US Armed Forces. Only select one fitting per session, i.e., Driver or FW, or Hybrids, Irons or Wedges or Putter etc. Not all clubs at once.
Driver Fitting
WE can improve your driver, if we cannot, we will tell you. There are a number of great new products, all of which we have tested. YOU have many choices, we will professionally fit you into the optimal driver.
Iron Fitting
Our knowledge base is un-matched. Both Kirk and I are studied club fitting professionals that know what works. We work based on speed and fundamentals. The shafts weight and length are major components of iron play success. Let do it!
Wedge Fitting
Wedge fitting guru's are at MK Golf. Come test them and have us determine the right loft, lie and bounce. I will measure your current bounce on you gamer set and show you how to do it.
Putter Fitting
We will determine the type of putter best suited for your putter setup and movement. The proper length, and grip size.
Repeat Customer - Fine Tuning or Continuation
This session should be used if you are a repeat customer that has been previously fitted by MK Golf, or for the continuation of previous fitting. All first time customers should select one of the other fitting services from the list.
PXG Fitting
Let us know irons wedges or driver. They are the real deal!
Junior Fitting Services (Charge)
For all juniors that are involved in an OEM Program or the AJGA Program (ie, where you obtain all your clubs from Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, etc. at a reduced cost or no cost).
Junior Fitting Services (Free)
No Charge fitting fee for ALL JUNIORS - From Beginner to 12th Grade that purchase clubs from MK Golf. Use this option if you have a junior boy or girl actively involved in junior golf and NOT involved in an OEM Program or the AJGA Program where clubs are obtained from Titleist , Taylormade, Ping, etc at a reduced cost or no cost. We are experts in fitting juniors for length lie and weight. We are up to the task to help them progress as they grow.
College Player Fitting
Use this menu item if you are getting setup with clubs as per your coach etc. Please let us know if you intend to purchase from MK Golf or your coach is obtaining product for you.
Dual Fitting - Back to Back People - Full Bag
Use this menu item for a two person fitting and we can try to do back to back.
Loft Lie Grip Shaft Adjustment - Only (This is not a fitting for irons or woods eval)
Use this menu item if you have purchased new clubs or you just want to have you current set tested for lie angle and or correct shaft flex, length and grip size. Plus our recommendations.
Miura Fitting

Our Staff

Mark & Kirk MK Golf LLC
Master Club Fitter and Builder. Mark has been doing club work for over 40 years. Both Kirk and Mark are FlightScope Certified and are one of Golf Digest Top 100 Fitting organizations. Jamie Watson is our Manager and Fitter Builder.