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Our Services

Men's Haircut
Includes any haircut, wash, blow dry/stlye ( not including beard, or design )
Men's Haircut + Beard
Includes any Haircut, blow dry/styled, razor work on beard with hot towel. ( no design )
Kids Haircut
Any Haircut blow dry/styled. ( no designs )
Men's Styling
Includes, shampooing with a massage and styling with blow dryer and or just product.
For every 2 braids it’ll be 25$
Solid color retouch, wash, blow dry, and style. Prices may vary $
Full Color
Women's solid color ( no bleach ) prices may vary $
Prices may vary depending on your hair history $
Color correction
Canceling colors out, green, blue, red, orange, yellow.
Women's Haircut
Include wash trimming off ends, long layers or short layers, + styling
Women's Styling
Does not including trimming, only styling with blow dryer or curler/iron.
Women's Undercut + Design
Doesn't include hair cut, only undercut and design.
Men & kids Designs
Designs on hair & includes hair cut
Wash / Rinsing
Want to was off any unwanted product, or just to clean up any residue from oils and a long day of work, includes a scalp massage and my favorite shampoos and conditioners by redken. Won’t include hair cut, or styling, just wash/rinse
Full set of High lights
Ladies this will included, trimming, wash, scalp massage, best shampoos and conditioners, and my favorite olapex treatment,
Partial High Lights
Only the top sections of your scalp you’d like to add high lights too, includes trimming, washing, scalp massage, my favorite olapex treatment, blow dry and styling.
Olapex Treatment
Does your hair feel brittle ? Come get our favorite olapex treatment #3 it works magic. Only helps hair that is chemically damaged from coloring.
Curly Perm
Want to try something different and tired of your straight hair ? Come get a perm done and get a body wave or more of a bouncy curl.
Brazilian Blow Out
Want smoother hair ? No more crazy waves or curls, this is perfect for you, Brazilian last 12 weeks, so wake up with smooth frizz free, smooth hair everyday for 12 weeks.
Black mask
Includes hotel treatment, removes all dead skin and most black heads and leaves faces fresh a clean.
Eye brow Waxing
With hair cut 10$
Beard Shave
Includes hot towel shave mixed with essential oils of our favorite lavender oil, tea tree oil, and lemon. Lavender is well known to relax and relieve stress, tea tree oil is great for acne control, helps to tone the skin and leaves you feeling very fresh. Lemon essential oils is great for up lifting. End results clean shave.
Brazilian blow out
Full bleach
Remove natural pigments or excess color for more a of a medium blonde, silver blonde, or funky colors.

Our Staff

Giselle Ramirez