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Afterlife Insights/Psychic Medium Jennifer Wallens

International Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and Artist Jennifer Wallens
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

MEDIUMSHIP READING by phone or Skype 50 min
Psychic Mediumship Reading 50 min By phone or Skype Jennifer will connect with your deceased loved ones that come forward, provide evidence of the afterlife through communication with them.
PSYCHIC READING by phone or Skype 50 minutes
PSYCHIC READING BY PHONE 50 min only will cover current situation, issues, relationships, career, finances, business, health, family, future potentials, outlook etc, there will be time for your questions as well. Book by midnight 3/17 and receive a free ten min mini reading to book at later date or gift to a friend.
PSYCHIC READING by phone 25 minutes
Psychic only reading by phone, not a mediumship reading. This will cover current situation, issues, relationships, career, finances, business, health, family, future potentials, outlook etc, there will be time for your questions as well.
ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Consultation by Phone or Skype Only
Animal Communication consultation specially regarding your animal or animals, for phone readings please mail or email photos of your animal family , for Skype have animals present or send photos. In person appointments in Las Vegas area or Atlanta/Blue Ridge, GA available at your location please book Animal Communication Consultation at your location 60 reg min $395) See Animal Mediumship Reading if you wish to connect with loved animal pets who have crossed to Spirit World)
Spiritual Counseling Session Life coaching, Goal setting, Spirit Guide messages, Past life issues and challenges, Spiritual Path questions, Create the Life and the Love you want! Phone or Skype only, 50 MIN
Group Reading over Skype 2-10 people
Group Reading over Skype 2-10 people
GROUP-PRIVATE IN PERSON 2 hour Event (2-10 people) at your location ( over 10 people not everyone will be guaranteed a message).
Minimum 2-10 persons for a minimum 2 hr event depending on size. Regularly $950 this Price includes up to 20 miles to your location and 1 hr travel time, $895 for a Skype group event, Must be prepaid at time of booking appt.. . Everyone -up to 10, will receive a message from Spirit. Please email or call to book & arrange an event for In-person group event prior to booking, other evenings or days may be available, location and details to be determined, up to 20 miles from Las Vegas or Athens, GA locations , (additional mileage $1.00 per mile. Some locations will include extra travel time & costs. For group events larger than 10 please contact Jennifers office at 702-334-6675 for pricing and arrangements.( please note if group is over 10 people not everyone will be guaranteed a message) 10-20 people $125 each person.
SOULGRAPH Only- 11x13 Artwork and written explanation, mailed to you
A unique SOULGRAPH Will be created for you and mailed via USPS priority mail in a tube mailer. It will include a written explanation of the symbols, portraits and imagery. 11x13 suitable for framing. If you also want a phone or Skype reading, book the SOULGRAPH and reading together to save $20.
SOULGRAPH and a Mediumship Reading by Phone or Skype.
This includes both a Mediumship Reading by phone or Skype 50 minutes and a SOULGRAPH will be made and mailed to you as well.(11x13) There will be written explanations on back as well. 2.5 hrs total time
Jennifer will do mini readings in a private group setting or individually at your location, recommended for smaller private groups, so everyone can have detailed readings (2 hr group reading)Time includes up to 1 hr total travel time 3hr total
Gift Certificate 50 min Reading
Gift Certificate for a 50 min Reading Psychic/MediumshipPsychic Mediumship reading for a loved one, they will be able to reschedule to a time and date convenient for them at any time, online or by phone with me. In comments section add their name please, and I will send them an email ;gift certificate. Reading lasts approximately 50- 55 minutes.
Add person to a 50min Mediumship or Psychic Reading
Add person to a 50 min Mediumship Reading
Ten week Online Video Course starting 9/6/18
Beginning Psychic Mediumship Development with Jennifer Wallens Ten week class online Thursday evening 6:30-8 pm weekly Preregistration Course Fee $250 before 9/1/18 After 9/1/18 Registration Fee is $300 limited to 15 students

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