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Naturally Divine, LLC.

Naturally Divine Beauty is a retailer and salon specializing in curly and natural hair care and beauty products. Our Goals is to Educate and Inspire women to embrace their natural beauty! We want to give women options with natural hair styling as well as the tools and resources to be successful in their journey. We provide a One-Stop Shopping & Salon Experience for our customers and offer over 25 brands of natural and curly hair products. We proudly support consumer causes and organizations that are dedicated to the safety of cosmetics, and the environmental sustainability of our planet.
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Our Services

Hair Scalp & Product Consultation
Want to know your hair type? Or the products that are best for your curl pattern? Want a better hair care regimen? Do you need more moisture? This is for you! Please complete the Pre-consultation form online!
Shampoo & Go
Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner with scalp stimulation.
Detangle & Go
Detangling matted tangled hair can be a tedious and painful process. At Naturally Divine, say goodbye to all the frustration and tears, and hello to a smooth, hydrated strands all summer long.
Wash & Shingle
Wash & Shingle
Take Down
Customers needing crochets or braids taken down. Total costs of the services will depend on the actual style. An additional cost of $10.00 will be added for Shampoo & Conditioning
Hydration Steam Therapy
Want a hydration vacation for your hair? Steam your hair soft with our Hydration Steam Treatment!
Scalp Treatment
Purify and exfoliate the scalp to eliminate flakes while soothing irritation with calming plant extracts. Removes product build up, relieves dry, flaky and treats dandruff. Stimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth.
Deeeeeeep Treat
Do those curls lack moisture? Or Look a little droopy? Come get a Deeeeeeep Treat and give those curls some life.
Raw Coconut Oil Treatment
Coconut oil is, hands down, one of the most effective hair treatments for a very wide variety of hair issues and it is, without a doubt, the best oil for damaged hair. It works better than any man-made treatments on the market because it's 100% natural, free of silicone, and other chemicals that irritate sensitive skin and dry out hair.
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
The Keratin Complex Treatment is a revolutionary smoothing system infusing Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl, leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.
Beautiful Big Chop
Ready to free yourself from those relaxed ends? Our Beautiful Big Chop will let your natural beauty shine. Moisturizing Deep Conditioner included! Incl. Free consultation & Styling.
Just a Trim (Dusting)
A small amount of hair is trimmed off the ends.
Teeny Tiny Trim
Tired of those single strand or fairy knots? Or maybe you have split ends? Just take a tiny bit off with our Teeny Tiny Trim. Deep treatment included!
Cut N Style
Cut N Style. Starts at $65. Includes trimming and styling your coils. For special offers, please call the store before booking online.
Creative Cut
Looking for a new look? Want more shape to those curls? Lets shake it up a bit with a Creative Cut. Deep treatment included!
Textured Blow Out
Looking for some big beautiful hair? Try the Textured Blow Out! Starts at $75. Includes a blow out prior to any style. (i.e. twist or braid out).
Fabulous Flat Iron
Straighten your curls with our Fabulous Flat Iron.
Rockin Roller Set
Are you a transitioning naturalista? Blend those 2 textures with our Rockin Roller Set! Are you natural and just want to try something new! The Rockin Roller Set is just for you!
Silk Press
You are a Naturalista! and love your hair straightened... We use a technique of taking small sections of the hair to silken the hair and create free-flowing, bouncy hair with a nice shine
Classy Coil Out
Who needs waves and curls! Rock your coils with our Classy Coil Out.
Elegant Up Do
Going out for a night on the town? Have a special occasion coming up? Come get an Elegant Up Do and be the belle of the ball!
All Over Color
Get your roots to tip colored in naturally and divine beauty!
Highlight My Life
They say blondes have more fun. Come try it out with a highlighting service. Hand picked highlights give you that perfect look!
Shine On
Let those locks shine in the sun with a clear coating on your style for instantaneous shine. Last 4-6 weeks! Bonus: Its actually good for your hair! Shine On is 1/2 price when added to a color service.
Cornrows With Style
All small cornrows with your choice of styling. Up to 6 braids with no weaves added. This service will begin with a salon consultation for style determination and pricing.
Cornrow With Extensions
Cornrows in layers or any weave added. This pricing is variable depending on the length and styles.
Crochet Braids
Crochet braids take a leading place in the rating of fashionable hairstyles. Such small braids will make your hair sexual, and at the same time, daring. This lovely hairstyle will be suitable for hot summer days and are perfect fashionable trends with or without added hair!
Crochet Combo
Also called Invisible Crochet... With an individually braided perimeter and croched crown, you get the best of both worlds... All the class of an amazing style in half the time! By the way, you can mix micro, faux locs, box and individual braids with this combo!
Weaves and Extensions
This service is for Partial to Full weave extensions. We are now offering Braid-less, Vixen, 27 pc and Micro Link Extensions. These styles are great for transitioning clients and anyone who wants to add more length or volume!
Bantu Knots
Get your popping bantu with or without added weaves... A sleek and classy natural hair style to stand out in the crowd.
Twist Out
Includes basic shampoo and conditioning, individual twist and blow dry
Twist Out Plus
Includes basic shampoo and conditioning, individual twist and blow dry.This style is defined by with smaller parting twists for a longer twisted hairs
Flat Twist Style
Need a cute protective style? If you want to wear your hair out of your face but still keeping it looking good, this is a great one to go for. With Flat twists, you will have the hairstyle you need and the natural protection for your own hair. Don't forget to ask about our best edge control product!
Senegalese Twists
If you’re looking for a protective hairstyle that keeps your natural look safe, while giving you lots of versatility, Senegalese twists gives a high-shine look that can be worn in different styles. With sizes varying from micro-twist to Jumbo, Senegalese twist offers a light & natural feel.
Individual Twists
Also called Senegalese Twist, this protective style will protect your natural hair and make you look stunning!
Havana Twists
Havana Twists have been offering natural girls a fresh take on hair twists. Hair is not included but can be purchased at the salon. Please call to confirm hair availability and quantities needed for your specific style!
Fulani Braids
Braids styled with unique patterns of thin-to-medium tightly plaited braids that are close to the head and taper into hair extensions of all lengths. Layers or box braids are optional.
Scalp Braids
All braided Up-Do styles or down. This style includes up to 5 braids with no weaves added. Consultation required before final pricing.
Feeder Plus
Feed in braids style - (examples: Pony tail, large and small braids, more than 2 braids). Hair is not included but can be purchased at the salon. Please call to confirm hair availability and quantities needed for your specific style!
Feeder Braids
Feeder a.k.a Ghana braidds for 4-6 braids. For thicker braids, anticipate 3 bags of braiding hair. Small braids in between is $5 additional. Hair is not included but can be purchased at the salon. Please call to confirm hair availability and quantities needed for your specific style! Shampoo & Conditionner included.
Goddess Braids
Big cornrolls with artificial braid hair up or down depending on style.
Box Braids
Box Braids services include Shampoo, Condition & Scalp moisturizer. Hair is not included but can be purchased at the salon. We encourage you to confirm hair availability and quantities needed for your specific style! Please call salon for final consultation and pricing
Faux Locs
This protective style can last up to 3 months. It is a two step process that consists of braiding or twisting the hair and then wrapping it. Temporary hair locs with artificial braid hair or human hair... Please call the store to set up your early appointment!
Loc Trim
Tired of those single strand or fairy knots? Or maybe you have split ends? Just take a tiny bit off. Deep treatment included!
Loc Detox
Let's talk LOCS!... Let's take steps to detoxing the shiz out of those Locs and restore their healthy and natural shine
Loc Scalp Cleansing
Loc Scalp Cleansing
Loc Starter (Interlocking or crochet)
Recommended on hair longer than 4 inches. Two strand twists with interlocked roots. Palm rolling will be provided optionally at an additional price.
Loc Starter (Comb Coils/ Two Strand Twists)
Start your locs with coils, recommended on hair 2-3 inches long.
Faux Loc New Growth
Your faux locs are growing... this service will provide you with a redefining of your original faux locs at the base of your scalp
Loc Styles
Rod Set, Krinkles, Updo's, Spirals, Braided and much more.
Loc Maintenance
Retwist or interlocking of full head of locs.
Loc Repair
Replace missing or damaged locs.
Under Wig Prep
Shampoo hair condition blow out with 2-10 braids for wig fitting.
Wrap It Up
For our relaxed clients that need a little TLC shampoo condition and wrap.

Our Staff

Aireon W.
Now that I have been doing hair professionally for 10 years, I realize that what I enjoy the most is getting to know my clients. I love meeting new people, helping them achieve their beauty goals and provide each one of them a very personalized treatment!
Brittney R.
A native from Chicago, Hair styling has always been a family tradition, I pursued to the highest level of my profession. The most rewarding experience I have is making people look and feel good about themselves.
Danielle S.
I am a Protective Style Braider and Hairstylist. I've been styling for over 17 years and it is my mission. I love to see my clients walk in, sit down, have a relaxing time, and depart more beautiful than before. It's my job to keep your hair Healthy!
Jaquiline M.
I specialize in protective styles and preventive skin care, insuring you feel and look better after every service. I thrive off your satisfaction, bringing extensive trainings and 12 years of experience. Where there is a way, I am the stylist that cares!
LaStagia R.
I have over 25 years cosmetology experience in the hair industry, As well as licensed Instructor, servicing customers and providing product knowledge. I am very Passionate about beauty, and Beauty comes inside out, It can change a client's life!
Nadea J.
I'm a proud product of Jersey, with dual certification in Cosmetology & Barbering and 11 years of experience, combining both crafts to create your individual and unique hairstyle. I want to make your time with me a pleasant and a relaxing break in your day.
Nicole G.
As a Hair Stylist, I believe the key to good health is a balance of a happy mind and a beautiful body. This is what I strive to provide to my clients. I enjoy this time to apply my experience, and love to give you an enjoyable and satisfying experience.