Deviant Rainbow

BEAUTY + MARKETING + PHOTOGRAPHY Specializing in Curls, Dry Haircutting, and Hair color in salon. I offer Makeup and styling for image creation. Marketing and Photography services for small SF businesses.
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Marketing Consultation
Photoshoot Consultation
Consult about all aspects of our Photoshoot package Hairstyle, Makeup, Photography, Professional Editing and Prices.
Color Consultation
Not sure what's possible with color or how much it will cost? Book a free consultation!
Short Haircut
Short haircuts are above the ear or shorter often with clippers, this does not include Bobs which are considered long haircuts for the purposes of timing.
Mid length to Long Haircut
Any cut at Bob length or longer
Single or Block Color Application
any color application that is one process and does not require foiling
Single Color and Short Haircut
combo service
Single Color and Long Haircut
combo service
Partial Highlight
Foils are used in varying amounts but the entire hair is not colored between the foils.
Full Highlight
Usually for the Blondes, this service includes a lot of foils lovingly packed tightly all over your head, sometimes we also paint a color between as well for an additional $55
All natural henna is used and activated with vitamin c, it produces a copper red permanent tint. If extra bowls are needed due to length or density an additional fee of $40 will be applied.
Balayage partial or Ombre
Hand painted specialty blonding service, partial head or Ombre (the bottom 1/3-2/3 is gradually lighter than the roots)
Balayage Full
Hand painted specialty blonding service, whole head
Bleach roots only
this service is specifically for roots no longer than 1" of natural or 6 weeks after your last bleach appointment
Bang Trim
Bang trim or Neck cleanup
Styling and Updos
from Vintage to boho styling options abound at Deviant Rainbow

Our Staff

Sophia Robinson Stylist
I specialize in Dry haircutting and curly textured hair. I love color projects of all types, Rainbow to Sombre. If you are a new client and want to know about color options book a free consultation!