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We offer advanced Medical Skincare Services and professional skincare products.
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During your Consultation, you will receive a thorough Skin Evaluation. You and I will discuss your skincare concerns and agree on an effective treatment plan to help your accomplish your goals. This fee is DEDUCTED from the cost of your 1st Treatment.
Custom Chemical Peel
This treatment is for Aged, Damaged, or Acne Skin Conditions. You will receive a Medical-Grade Peel to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and/or Acne infections. This treatment has 2-4 days of minor down-time for skin healing and peeling.
Pigment Peel (Melasma Treatment)
This treatment is specifically pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. Effectively lightens pigmentation due to MELASMA, and Sun Damage. 1/$225 (or) Series of 3/$580 RESULTS: 1. drastically reduces MELASMA & dark spots 2. lighten & tightens skin 3. diminishes lines & wrinkles
Mid-depth Chemical Peel
This is a deeper chemical peel which is able to remove several dead layers of skin, creating magnificent results. This treatment will remove sun damage, fine lines, diminish wrinkles, and profoundly rejuvenate your skin. A Consultation is required prior, to receiving this Treatment.
After-Chemical Peel Facial
All dead-peeling skin is removed. Includes: 1. Deep cleansing 2. Extractions of blackhead and Milia (if needed +$30) 3. Vitamin mask to infuse nourishment into new skin 4. Rich moisturizer to hydrate new skin cells 5. Dewy SPF to protect new skin
Ultrasonic Facial for Anti-Aging
During this facial treatment vibration at 25000 pulses per second gently exfoliates layers of dead skin cells. Accelerating blood flow, circulation, and creates a reduction of fine-lines and wrinkles. Improvement of skin is INSTANT with OUTSTANDING results. this treatment has NO-Downtime. RESULTS: 1. promotes cellular renewal 2. increases blood circulation 3. lifts, tone. and tightens skin 4. reduces lines & wrinkles 5. maximum hydration
Back-to-School Facial
This facial will help to reduce/eliminate acne and to unclog pores and follicular congestion. **ONLY for High School Students ** INCLUDES: 1. Deep Cleanse 2. Acne Treatment 3. Extractions (if needed +$30) 4. High-Frequency 5. Moisturizer & SPF
Mini Facial
INCLUDES: 1. deep steam cleanse 2. light enzyme exfoliation 3. enriching serums 4. moisturizer & dewy SPF
Oxygen Facial
Oxygen bubbles penetrate into skin enhancing blood circulation, detoxification, and refines skin. Treatment Revives, BRIGHTENS, tones, and beautify skin. RESULTS: 1. inhibits melanin production 2. exfoliates dead skin cells 3. brightens skin
Microneedling: Acne Scar Treatment - Collagen-Remodeling
This is an Advanced Micro-Needling treatment to enhance the skin’s texture, tone and color. This treatment repairs damaged skin by creating volumes of new remodeled collagen. To aid its efficacy Hyaluronic Serum & Vit-C are infused into the cells to enhance lasting results. 1/$275 or 3/$650 Excellent for repairing: 1. Acne Scars 2. Scars 3. Deep Wrinkles 4. Sagging 5. Stretch Marks
Micro-Current Treatment - Series of 6
This is an ADVANCED Micro-Current treatment. This is a face-lifting treatment that produces profound youthful-looking results: - diminishes Wrinkles - lifts Face & tightens Neck - repairs Jowling by lifting cheek muscles

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