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Our Services

Brazilian Knot Extensions
The creation of the Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions simply involves a creative way of hand knotted thread wrapped around pieces of the clients hair that is combined with pieces of loose Raw Virgin human hair extensions to produce a small single strand. Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions application method involves absolutely NO, braids, harsh glue, pots, or special styling products, allowing you to freely access your scalp. No maintenance. New hair and reapplication required every 4-6 months. Duration: 4-6 months Style Versatility: Unlimited Styling Time:- 5-8 hrs $10/ per strand. 20 pcs /hour: $ 225.00 Partial / Full ($1000-$1650) Raw Virgin Hair - 12-14” package: $100 Raw Virgin Hair- 16-18” package: $200 Raw Virgin Hair- 20-24” package: $300 Full: $600 Hair is Separate ~ Available for Purchase
Euro / Sew-in Hair Extensions
The client’s hair is braided in a secure pattern, based on the style that is desired. Hair extension wefts are securely applied to the braids. A blending cut, and style may be necessary to create an undetectable finished look. Our Raw Virgin Hair Last 2- 4 Years ( with TLC) . It can be Bleached up to # 613 easily and is Full Cuticle. 2-3 Rows Available at $50.00 / Per Row ($150.00) Not including Hair. - 14 -18”: Straight / Body Wave : $600 - 20-24”: Straight / Body Wave Add $300 - 26-30" : Straight / Body Wave Add $400 - 32- 40": Straight / Body Wave Add $750.00 Maintenance: $300 every 2-3 months. Our Hair Extension are reusable.
Braidless Sew-in Extensions
Our Braidless Sew-in technique is a lot more comfortable than the classic sew-in extensions, and will allow you free access to your scalp at all times. Weft hair extensions are applied to your hair, using special tools that allow your hair extensions to lay very flat, 2-3 Rows: $285 Partial: $385 Full: $465 Hair is Separate ~ Available for Purchase
Micro Link Weft Extensions
Micro Link Extensions is an extension method that is applied without the use of braids, or needle and thread as this is not a sew-in. Micro Link Weft Extensions can last up to 6 months and should be re-secured closer to the scalp every 8-10 weeks. Failure to have your extensions re-secured will allow your hair to overgrow, which can cause tangles, damage, and breakage. Hair is Separate ~ Available for Purchase 2-3 Rows: $345.00 With Our Top Premium Hair. - 16-18”: 3 rows: $675 - 20-24”: Add $300 - 26-32": : Add $450 Maintenance: $450 every 2-3 months. Hair can be reused.
Fusion / Shrinkies Strand By Strand Extensions
A specialized hot tool is used to soften a pre-bonded keratin, or other organic material tip to allow it to fuse to a section of your own hair. 50-75 Keratin tipped hairs (a strand). 12-16” / 25pc bundle: $250 - 18-20” / 25pc bundle: $350. No maintenance. New hair required every 4-6 months. Removal $5/ per strand
Micro Bead Extensions
A few of the customers hair strands are pulled through the small latch-hook or wire eye instrument and a bead or ring is applied. The hair extension is then placed inside and the Micro Ring is clamped closed tightly with a connector to secure the extension hair to the natural hair. Duration: 6 months (occasionally longer with extreme care) It’s recommend that you visit every 6 to 8 weeks while you have your extensions Style Versatility: High Styling Time: 2-8 hrs. Partial: $450 Full: $600 Hair is Separate ~ Available for Purchase
Seamless Tape /Strip Bonds Extensions
The clients hair is secured between two light-weight human hair skin wefts. Partial: $650 - 14” per 60” roll: $1300 - 18” per 60” roll: $1500 - 24” per 60” roll: $1700 Maintenance: $300 every 2-3 months . Hair is reusable.
Clip-in Hair Extensions
This is a custom hair extension service. We will measure your head for exact placement, then hand make the clip-in extensions using our premium hair extensions.
Starting Dreads / Loc's
Dreads / Loc's Maintenance
Includes shampoo and scalp treatment and re twist. If you haven't had a maintenance in 2+ months the price will be more.
Dread Loc Repair
To mend or reattach your Dreads.
Dread Extensins
To attach human hair
A Dread look without been permanent
Two strand twist
Braids / Corn-rolls
Not including hair. Hair add is $45.00.
Natural Hair Flat -iron
includes shampoo, conditioner and styling
includes : Relaxer, shampoo, deep conditioner and style.

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