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Lil Shop of Harmonies: Psychic Store A place for people to book intuitive guidance sessions to uncover what is unknown, what may come, how to grow and how to heal.
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Our Services

20 Minute Tarot Reading
Used for sorting out simple matters and great for trying to find out consequences to actions or decisions that need to be made.
30 Minute Tarot Reading
Wanting to get a wider understanding of your situation? This 30 Minute Tarot Reading will allow you to look at the influences of the past, present, and future.
45 Minute Tarot Reading
For those who are wanting a bit more guidance than normal in a very muddled situation or facing an extremely difficult choice. This spread will be in-depth to help you better understand what you have coming your way or what may be blocking you. A 45 Minute Tarot Reading comes with a complimentary written description, sent via email, of the cards in their positions during the reading.
60 Minute Tarot Reading
A Full-Length spread that gives you a complete sense of awareness in both past and present influences as well as potential events in life. A 60 Minute Tarot Reading comes with the usual complimentary written description, via email, and a Tri-Card Advice spread that will be included complimentary, inside the written description of your reading.
Triple Rune Reading
3 Runes will be pulled to give you a quick glance at past, present, and future influences and help you make better decisions or answer any specific questions. (30 min)
Odin's Spread Rune Reading
This reading is 9 runes in total, the number of Odin and completion in Numerology. This reading will give you the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at your situation when things are most confusing and your world seems upside down. This reading will also include a written description sent via email.
B.U.S.S. I (Boss'd Up Soul Session)
A 30 min spiritual talk session that includes a choice of tarot or rune reading to help guide you to your next step.
B.U.S.S. II (Boss'd Up Soul Session)
A 45 min spiritual guidance session that includes a gemstone casting with choice of rune or tarot reading.
B.U.S.S. III (Boss'd Up Soul Session)
A 1-hour spiritual guidance session that includes tarot, gemstone and rune readings as well as a personalized affirmation.
B.U.S.S. IV (Boss'd Up Soul Session)
A 2-hour spiritual guidance session includes the same as B.U.S.S III but also includes a recording of the session via email, gemstone prescription, and free gemstone.

Our Staff

Jessica Levers