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The pricing for tuning most vehicles on Cobb Accessport. $650 - ProTuned single fuel calibration for Subaru includes 2 maps $479 - 2nd fuel Protuned map during same session $175 - Additional fee for Flex Fuel Vehicles includes fuel. Call for further pricing 303-219-6071 Welcome, I have been a professional calibrator specializing in Subaru since 2005. I have calibrated over 6000 turbocharged cars in person over the last decade. I am careful and look for a balance between power and safety for your engine. I specialize in the Subaru platform with Cobb AccessTuner Pro. I am also very good with Cobb Porsche, EVO X, and GT-R. Finally, I love calibrating standalone computers of high quality such as the Motec, Autronic, Haltech, Infinity, etc.
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Dynamometer Appointment Holding and No Show Fee
This holds your slot for tuning. You may cancel or change your appointment up to a week before you are scheduled in. This is only refundable if you contact us via phone or email ONE WEEK ahead of time or longer. This fee will come off of the tuning charge balance on the day of the tune. Typically a Cobb Accessport Custom Map Set For a Single Fuel. Pricing is generally as follows. $650 for first fuel, $479 for second fuel with regard to a Subaru, Porsche Normally Aspirated, or HP Tuners GM LS engine. $850 for Porsche 996, 997.1, 997.2 Turbo, R-35 Nissan GT-R, or custom calibration for standalone computer. $1650 for Porsche 991 Turbo.

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