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Men's cut
Add to haircut Beard trim and shaping
Full face shave
Men's nose wax
Men's ear wax
Men's eyebrow wax
The Gentleman
Receive a haircut, beard trim or full face shave, and a men’s facial
The Blackcard
A customizable monthly subscription for male grooming. Consult with the magician, I mean your barber for more details.
Women's haircut and style
Shampoo Blowout
Global Color
Partial Highlighting
Global Highlighting
Fashion Colors
Specialty Styles, Updos
Brazillian Blowout
Express Facial
Spa Facial
Corrective Facial
Chemical Peel
Dermal Leveling
Eyebrow Wax
Lip Wax
Full Facewax
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting
Bodyscrub with Hydrating Aromatherapy
Color Retouch w/ Kim
Color retouch on New Growth. Includes grey coverage. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards :)
Global Color w/Kim
All over color from roots to ends. Includes grey coverage. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards :)
Baby Partial Highlight w/ Kim
This is a perfect add on service to a gloss, bump, or color retouch service! Just a few foils for a pop of brightness or contour. Or some "bowlayage" at the shampoo bowl. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards:)
Partial Highlight w/ Kim
Pretty self explanatory, Finishing toner or gloss included. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards:) *there may be additional charge for toner when doing corrective color and vivid color
Full Highlight w/ Kim
Foils from the nape up! Includes toner or gloss if needed. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards :) *there may be an additional charge for corrective color, vivid colors, and shadow root, amount of hair/foils
Perfect service post Highlight or in between Highlight services to help brighten your blonde and blur your new growth. Don't forget to add your cut or style :)
Shadow Root w/ Kim
This is a color technique performed post lightening service or in between color services designed to soften the Highlight at the root and create a natural ombré effect. Don't forget to book your cut or style afterwards:)
Add on Color Gloss
Add this if you need to refresh the color on your ends during your color retouch service, want to tone your ends during your retouch, or want to add a color gloss to your haircut
Shampoo Blowdry w/ Kim
Book this if you are scheduling a color service and don't need a haircut this time around!
Book this service if you need some "me" time and want to feel and look great. Wether you have a special event to attend or simply want a great style that will last days. Come enjoy a glass of wine, scalp massage, and a beautiful blowout
Women's Haircut and Style K
Includes your shampoo and style and of course a haircut or trim!
Men's Cut w/ Kim
Men's haircuts include a shampoo
Bayalage w/ Kim
Bayalage is the technique of hand painting color or lightener on the hair. Hair is typically processed in open air but foil or mesh can be used for more lift! Depending on your desired result I may recommend mixing in some traditional highlights or a base color with your Bayalage
Ombré/Color Melt/Dip Dye
These high contrast blonde services are typically a two step process that give a graduation of hair color from dark to light. Wether you want a high impact drastic Ombré or a beautifully "grown out" rooty look there are many ways to achieve your higher contrast blonde
Vivid Colors
Make a bold or subtle statement with vivid, neon, metallic, or pastel color! Wether you want to add a few pieces in for contrast, or go big and try an all over new look, or you lost a bet Vivids are a fun way to switch things up. Don't forget to book your pre lightening service unless you just need a freshen up of your vivids :)
Add on Conditioning Treatement
Treat your hair to some extra TLC. If your hair or scalp has been feeling dry, brittle, lackluster, or limp try adding a deep conditioner or treatment to your next service. Add it to a haircut, blowdry, blowout, or after color to help lock and seal in your fresh color.
Global Toner/Gloss w/ Kim
This is a service perfect for in between your color retouch services to help add shine, control unwanted tones, or add tone to your hair using a Demi or Semi permanent color. Includes a shampoo and scalp massage :)
Bleach and Tone Retouch
This is a retouch for a traditional bleach and tone. An all over bleach and tone falls into the corrective color category
Corrective Color w/ Kim
Corrective Color covers a wide array of special hair stories. It can literally mean correcting bad color. Or most often lightening previously colored hair. Or sometimes we are just ready for DRASTIC change in a short amount of time. When dealing with corrective Color I prefer to charge by the hour. We never know what problems we may run into.
Color Cleanse
The first step in removing old color wether it be professional or box dye to prepare your hair for lightening if needed
Only Beard trim/edge up

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