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ImaniTherapy is a Wellness Center for Women and Teen Girls offering interpersonal counseling utilizing the client-centered approach. Our goal is to Nurture Inner Awareness into our clients to begin the healing process to define their journey mentally, physically and spiritually in a confidential setting. (We are a private pay facility only) with affordable rates/plans and programs. We offer Early Morning, Evening and Sat sessions. We also offer Virtual Online sessions as well! Book your private pay session today, please note we have a $25 cancelation fee (if appointment is not canceled within 24 hours)
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Our Services

Individual Interpersonal Sessions (Got Therapy)
Got Therapy? You do now! Experience a confidential wellness individual counseling session (50min) Just for you to explore issues and concerns to move forward living the life you deserve! You are worth it! Be Empowered. Own Your NOW! Effective 1/01/18 private pay rates only. Please view the Bios to determine which therapist is the best fit for you.
Individual Therapy Sessions (Student Disc. Rate)
Individual Counseling Sessions for the Teen Girl/College Student focusing on interpersonal issues that empower her to grow through the adolescent process!
I-Therapy OWNyourNOW (OYN) Virtual Individual 50min Sess
We now offer I-Therapy individual OYN sessions! Time to Own Your NOW! Literally! Now you can have your virtual individual sessions from the comforts of your home, work or car! Where ever you desire! Whenever you desire! Schedule yours today! You define what you want your session to Be about! A Mentoring coaching session or an interpersonal session regardless Own It and Let’s get started! We recommend scheduling a minimum of 3 sessions! Schedule now and allow your healing process to begin! 50 min sessions- $60 ($120.00 value) You choose! #OWNyourNOW
K.E.E.P.E.R 1 on 1 mentoring therapeutic sessions
For SistaKeeper girls (7th-12th grade) only we offer Mentoring Therapeutic Sessions. These sessions are facilitated by Mentors/Provisional Counselors. 60min sessions. Held weekly or every other week. Keeper Circles are held monthly on the 2nd Monday from 6:3-8pm. Free/SistaKeepers Non-Members/$25 session
Inner Wellness (Online Only) 30 min Session
Is it time for your Self-Care Inner Wellness Session, a confidential private pay online session focusing on a personal/professional topic or just to check in! Why? Because it’s time! Typically you schedule on a monthly basis! Schedule today! Private Pay only Women/Teen Girls only
Business Consultations
Consultations are specifically for clients who want to discuss business mentoring options. Fees vary
Mentoring Consultation Session (In Office/Virtual)
DO You have a specific goal, questions and you want to work on your concept, brand and need to process what your vision, mission, and purpose looks like. You want true, authentic, transparent advice. Schedule a session today! NOW is the time! Your Dream! Your Vision is Worth is it! OWN YOUR NOW!! We recommend three sessions minimum. Schedule your 1st one today!
Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter Therapy Sessions
Mother/Daughter sessions or Father/Daughter sessions needed to work through specific issues $75
Family Sessions
Are you in need of family mediation or sessions to focus on interpersonal communication regarding a specific topic? Schedule today
One-on-One Parenting Coaching Session (C.O.P.E)
Creating Opportunity for Parent Empowerment (C.O.P.E) Parenting is challenging so let’s work through it together. You and your Parent Coach will reveal patterns to support positive change and define internal and external factors that impact your parenting skills while implementing new techniques, goals, strategies. Schedule today.
Pancake Therapy
So you don’t like coming into the office! You just need to talk! Process your what next! How to Own Your NOW! Meet with our EmpowerNista for Pancake Therapy! Pancakes/Coffee Therapy (TherapeuticMentoring) for the soul is just for YOU meeting to discuss new possibilities never gets old! It’s all about the process! Let’s do it! Let’s meet for pancakes to discuss the possibilities of what living your best life looks like NOW. Once booked we will discuss the location.

Our Staff

Allison Hewitt, MA.,LPC (Private Pay Only)
I offer counseling services for women and adolescent/teen girls. I am an advocate for victims/survivors of domestic abuse. I enjoy helping people work through everyday life. THERAPY. SUPPORT. EDUCATION
Reba Rice-Portwood, M.Ed.,LPC (Private Pay Only)
Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed.,LPC (Private Pay Only)
I offer interpersonal counseling, using the client-centered approach for women/teen girls in transition with interpersonal issues. I am also available for Virtual Online Sessions to current clients.