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The Brow Girl was voted "BEST OF GWINNETT 2017" Janeida (aka "The Brow Girl) is known for her signature brow treatment-Henna Brows (1st and ONLY salon in GA offering this), involving analyzing her clients brows, customizing a color using natural henna and creating a shape using the clients hair removal of choice (thread, wax, or tweeze), aromatherapy brow massage to stimulate the hair follicle for proper regrowth, and educating her clients. She takes pride in providing each of her clients a unique experience and tailoring each one specifically for his or her own individual needs. She brings to Muze Salon Suites her knowledge of brow design and facilitating a brow restoration program so that clients can grow their brows to their FULL potential with proper brow maintenance and home-care. She not only restores brows, but also provides Brazilian waxing/sugaring, full face waxing/threading/sugaring and lash enhancement services in suite # 3! Appointments are HIGHLY suggested!
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Our Services

Precision Brow Shaping (Threading and/or Wax)
Analyze brows and map brows using ancient measuring techniques to ensure asymmetric balanced brows, your choice of hair removal (thread, wax, or tweeze ), aromatherapy brow massage to stimulate the hair follicle for proper regrowth, and educating you on brow maintence to ensure proper regrowth.
*MOST POPULAR* Brow SHAPE + Henna Brows/Tint
Threading and/or Waxing + Henna Brows/and or new Brow Code Tint. Promotes hair growth for thicker fuller brows! Tint stains the skin and provides a deeper concentrated hue for a “filled-in” look. *Results vary, duration and longevity not guaranteed!
*BEST DEAL* Brow Shape+Henna Brow Tint + Brazilian Wax/Sugaring
Get the most popular services and save BIG! Who doesn't like savings plus beautiful brows and smooth skin down there!
Brazilian/Bikini Wax or Sugaring
Fast yet thorough hair removal down there where the sun don't shine with your choice of hard wax or sugaring. My technique is "Virtually" painless (I've been told).
Brows + Brazilian Combo
Precision Brow Shaping + Brazilian Wax or Sugaring .
Eyebrow Feathering/OMBRE (POWERED BROW)
Perfectly shaped brows that last a year+ using my signature Eyebrow Feathering/ Or OMBRE (POWERED BROW) Eyebrow Feathering (HAIRSTROKES) details: Permanent technique that adds hair like strokes, volume and texture to perfect the shape of the brow. It can be done manually using a hand tool with a microblade or a digital machine using micro-needles. Ombré/Powdered Brows Details: A soft, misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup meaning the tails of the brow are darker, and fade into a light start to the brow, giving it a very subtle look using a digital machine using micro-needles. Includes touch-up session in 4 weeks). After appointment is made, Invoice will be sent for deposit of $99 and will be applied to balance . All deposits are fully refundable if appointment is canceled within 48 hours of appointment time.
Ultimate Brow Experience
This is like a facial for your brows! My signature brow restoration treatment. Your ULTIMATE brow experience will include an Eyebrow Mask and infusion of oxygen to stimulate hair growth and for ultimate hydration , Henna Brow/Tint, Shaping (threading, waxing, precision tweezing and trim), aromatherapy brow massage and eyebrow growth serum applied immediately after. This service is especially great for clients with sparse, thin brows that want to grow their brows in naturally. *clients have seen results in as little as 4 weeks.
Full Face Threading, Wax, and/or Sugaring Treatment
Full Face (Threading, Waxing and/or Sugaring) Includes, lip, chin, brows, sideburns, and cheeks. Your skin will feel soooo smooth afterwards.
Thread, Wax or Sugaring
Full FACE + Henna Brow (Tint)
Threading, Waxing, and/or Sugaring of the brow, lip, chin, and cheeks plus brow henna (tint)
Sideburns/Cheek/or Chin
Thread, Wax or Sugaring
Threading, Waxing and/or Sugaring
Brow + Lip
Threading, Waxing, and/or Sugaring
Lash Tint
Color lasts 6-8 weeks! No need for mascara! *please note, does not give volume and length just deposits color for darker lashes. Great for my blondes and lighter hair shades!
Henna Brow Tint + Lash Tint
Customized color to enhance your brows and lashes. Lasts up to 6weeks. *does not include precision brow shaping. Must book separately.
Henna Brows/ Tint Touch-up after 2 weeks!
Touch up your Henna Brows or Tint 2 weeks after getting your initial Henna Brow or Tint, for a vibrant fresh look! *does not include shape, just a very light clean up of brows
Glamour Lashes
Full set of cluster lashes. Lasts up to two weeks with proper maintenance
Underarm Wax or Sugaring
Great Add-On service with any of our treatments. Smooth Arm Pits last up to 4 weeks!
24 Carat Gold Collagen Eye Mask
Add-on to any service! Restores & Revitalizes Tired-Looking Skin Renews Skin’s Youthful Appearance Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness Natural Botanical Ingredients Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Brow Sugaring
Skin sensitive to wax? Threading too painful? Sugaring is the next BEST thing! All natural, room temperature sugar paste will shape and define brows with minimal redness and no irritation afterwards.
Not sure what you want? Come on in for a consultation. Once we determine what you want and need, I will get you scheduled for the service you select. Same day appointments are not guaranteed!
Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions
Full set of classic individual lash extensions. Faux mink, natural curl or dramatic curl options and different lengths. The state of your natural lashes will effect the finished set!
Lash refill
Please maintain refills every 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks full set price will apply. No exceptions!
Keratin Lash Lift & Tint
A Keratin Lash Lift & Tint is suitable for all lash lengths, all ages. Each client is unique and for this reason your treatment is tailored to you. Eye Shape, Lash Lengths, Hair Types and desired outcomes are all taken into consideration prior to your treatment to ensure you leave with perfectly lifted effortless lashes every single time..
Colour Boost for Eyebrow Feathering/Ombré Powder Brows
If you’re one of my clients (Eyebrow Feathering/Ombré Powder Brows) and it’s been a few months since your initial session with me, but some pigment has faded- this is for YOU! Basically a “touch-up” session to boost your color or hair strokes that have faded significantly.

Our Staff

Janeida Mitchell
Janeida (aka "The Brow Girl") graduated at the top of her class for Aesthetics from Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in 2010. Soon after she developed an expertise in eyebrow shaping by threading, waxing, tweezing and now microblading/ombré powdered brows.