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Here at From Dames To Dolls, we specialize in organic, high quality lash and brow extensions.
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Our Services

Eyelash Removal
Russian Volume Silk Singles
These are single lashes that allow more than 1 lash onto a single lash. These are great for sparse lashes though not for damaged or weak eyelashes.
Russian Volume Silk Singles Lash Refill
Refills, same price and application time.
The Silk V Lash Full Set
Beautiful D curl, made 100% of silk, these lashes provide volume and endurance. They are my number 1 favorite!
V Lash Fill
A fill is applicable to a Client that has existing lashes on, otherwise refer to a full set.
Henna Eyebrow Tinting
Henna tinting dyes skin and hair into beautiful shape as decided by Consultant and Client. Retention time is 2 weeks. Price includes waxing.
Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping
Eyebrow Extensions
Custom hairs are used to shape your brows into the perfect brow. This service is perfect for the over tweezed client, or the client that has no eyebrow hair at all. **Comes with $20.00 foam shampoo aftercare Lasts 2 weeks
Eyebrow Extensions Fill

Our Staff

Jennifer Nickerson