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Melissa's Coaching Studio, LLC is a boutique advisory service for writers, independent scholars and academics. We help clients work brilliantly by teaching them how to invest their time in creating content, learning new skills, exploring career options, networking, negotiating new opportunities, and fulfilling their goals. Appointments available by phone. Please use Eastern Standard Time (New York City) when booking your appointment. In New York City, in person appointments are available upon request.
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Our Services

Chat with Melissa
Use this complimentary call to introduce your goals or project with Melissa. In addition to Melissa providing you with immediate feedback and/or resources, the discussion provides her with context for your booked coaching session.
Laser Coaching Session
Ready to brainstorm a topic? Need immediate feedback on your negotiation strategy or closing the deal? Facing a challenging issue and you want active listening and fresh perspectives from someone who appreciates that life is complicated? Book at 30-minute laser coaching session.
Academic Publishing: From Dissertation to Book
The cold truth is that your stellar dissertation fulfills your Ph.D. requirement. Period. For a publisher, your book must address a target audience, profitably. In this session, we discuss your revision strategy in relation to your career goals, a publisher's audience for your book, and the development of your professional brand and platform.
Trade Publishing: Strategy from Brand to Platform
Publishing is a competitive business. When you develop your strategy from brand to platform, you command more creative control, earn more money, and choose opportunities with greater clarity and direction. This strategy session is for published writers (journals and/or commercial publishers) who want to take their careers to the next level of success.
Career Coaching: Exploring Options
Whether you are working in a great job or just starting out, your future earnings depend on networking, continuous learning, leadership, and discerning fads from trends in your industry. This coaching session provides you with a framework for exploring options and taking specific actions in order to keep a razor-sharp competitive edge.
Career Coaching: Networking Skills
People hire, promote, and recommend individuals that they like, know, and trust. Networking happens when you are a deep listener, someone who is genuine and helpful to others. Another aspect of networking is aspirational. It is targeting the people you want to meet, but do not yet know. Our coaching work focuses on your immediate and aspirational networking strategy.
Career Coaching: Interviewing Skills
Confidence and a strong narrative are keys to an excellent interview. In this coaching discussion, we work to transform your talent, skills, and accomplishments into a relevant and compelling portrait of who you are as a professional and potential colleague in a new work environment. You will learn strategies for fielding tough questions, as well as the seemingly easy, yet actually tricky ones.

Our Staff

Melissa A. Rosati
Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC is an award-winning, international publisher in academic and trade publishing. Her senior executive experience includes McGraw-Hill International and Routledge, among others. She is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC).