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Plush classic and volume eyelash extensions, expert brow shaping and restructuring, tinting and brow extensions by industry expert Leslie Greene.
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Our Services

Plush Wink Volume Lash Set
Plush Wink Standard FluffUp
Maintenance infill service for Classic Lash Extensions, every 2-3 weeks. Must have 50% or more Classic Lash Extensions intact. * less than 50% lashes intact will be a Max FluffUp * less than 30% lashes intact will require a new Full Set
Plush Wink Volume FluffUp
Maintenance infill service for Volume Lash Extensions. If more than 4 weeks or less than 50% of lashes remain, extra time and fee may be applied for maximum fullness. * less than 30% of volume lashes remaining will require a new full set.
Plush Wink Full Set
Plush Wink Mini FluffUp
Plush Wink Max FluffUp
Plush Wink Flirt Set
Plush Wink Brow Design with Tint
Plush Wink Brow Design
Groupon Promo *Full Set $115
Microblading- initial appointment
Microblading- Perfecting Session
Plush Bottom Lashes
Plush Bottom Volume Lashes
Private Mentoring

Our Staff

Leslie Greene
Leslie Greene is a recognized professional skin therapist, cosmetologist, makeup artist and educator. As owner and founder of Plush Wink, a lash & brow beautique, Leslie provides luxurious classic and volume eyelash and eyebrow extensions.