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We Specialize in Hair care 1st! In doing so we offer Precision and Trendy Hair Cuts, Color, Hair Extensions, Relaxers and Natural Hair Care Services. We also offer Wedding packages for on and off-location, as well as Photo shoot Hair styling.
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Our Services

We check the integrity of your hair, talk about Your Hair care goals and hair history. Followed by recommendations.
Color- Demi
One step below Permanent Color and lasts much longer than a rinse. Recommended for Gray coverage.,
Color- Highlight
The foil method is used for this service. Shampoo and deep conditioner is included only. Must add styling service if wanted.
Permanent Hair color lifts your pigment and deposits the new chosen color. This is a one process service. Shampoo and Conditioner is included. Styling must be an added
These are direct dies that coats the hair without long lasting results.
Using permanent color to tint the eyebrows.
Color-Per Process
This is when more than a single application is used to achieve a certain color. example: If bleach is needed before adding the desired color its considered a double process.
Clippers are used to cut short natural hairstyles.
This is a style cut. Can be Trendy looks or new shape.
This is a split end cut throughout the entire hair.
Includes 4 tracks or less, Wrap, Cut and Styled
Extensions-Full Sewn
This service includes Shampoo and Conditioning, Trim and blowout and Extension installation which can include Braiding or Malaysian if the hair is not long enough to catch.
Extensions-Wig Placement
This service includes Shampoo blowout,Braid and unit sewn or Pinned. I am not Proficient in Lace Fronts yet (smile)
Unit or Extension removed
Extensions-Partial Sewn
4 tracks or less. Includes Shampoo, Conditioning, Installation, cut and style.
Deep Protein Conditioner
This Treatment is used to strengthen hair. We like to use this prior to weaving or protective hairstyles and 2 weeks before any chemical service.
Relaxer placed at hairline all around the head.
Relaxer-Root T-up
Relaxer placed at the root area throughout the head. This service includes Deep Conditioning, Trim and Styled.
There are times when a Relaxer service hasnt taken as well as other times due to various reasons. This process is done at the time of a Root-Touch Up. Minutes before the rinse out, Relaxer is placed throughout the entire length of the hair. The purpose is to achieve 1 Degree of straightness throughout.
Shampoo-Loc Maintenance
Includes Shampoo, Conditioner, ReTwist and Simple Styling. In some cases minor repairs are done as well.
Shampoo-Extension Maintenance
This Includes Shampoo Conditioning and tightening of Extensions and simple Hair Styling.
Shampoo-Natural Style
This Service includes Shampoo, Conditioning and Styling without additional hair added. Can be Coils, 2 Strand Twist, Finger Style,Twist outs, and Natural Updos
Includes Shampoo, Conditioning, Blow out and Flat Ironing ( curly or straight)
Includes Shampoo,Conditioning wrap and or Molded and styles. (short hair include a nape Shape up)
Roller sets, Rod sets and Flexi Rods.
Wedding Style Trial Run/Consult
3 Styles performed with head piece to choose Wedding look.
Wedding Styling-On Site
Styling on location for Bride. Touch ups can be provided for any of the wedding party $10 each person
Sequence Smoothing System
Keratin Protein treatment
Color - Partial Highlights
Foil method for half head Highlights.
Student Weekly Blowout
August to June
Deep Moisturizing Conditioner
Under dryer Conditioner
Shampoo Weekly Style
Shampoo blowout or wrap every week. Book 4 appointments at a time
2-6 Foils of highlights to frame the face to give a golden hue to any hairstyle

Our Staff

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