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Limitless Physio, LLC

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Physical therapy & mobility expertise to help you move more / limit less.
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Our Services

Custom Mobility Program EVALUATION
$197 Includes initial 1-on-1 hour long SFMA Movement Diagnostic AND a 4-6 week custom program including all appropriate mobility and/or neuromuscular control exercise.
Initial Evaluation
We will spend 45 minutes 1-on-1 and take a deep dive into any pain, injury, or movement problems you are experiencing. Using specialized orthopedic testing & video-guided movement analysis, we will identify the source of pain/problem, and develop a thorough plan of action to fix it. This is a necessary first step for all new patients (per Michigan State Practice Acts for Physical Therapists).
Physiotherapy Treatment Session (1 session)
Once you have completed an evaluation, we can dive into treating your movement problems with (all are included depending on need): -Restorative Exercise coaching to improve form & PREVENT injury -Customized mobility & rehabilitative movement programming -Manual Therapy (massage, joint manipulation, functional dry needling, Graston Technique/IASTM)

Our Staff

Dr. Seth King PT, DPT
I use manual and video-guided movement analysis to accurately diagnose your movement condition and pinpoint the cause of pain that has been keeping you down. Then, you and I work together to build a plan of attack to fix the root cause of your pain.