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15 years of exclusive Endermologie body contouring and toning experience!
8:30 AM - 8:30 PM
8:30 AM - 8:30 PM
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8:30 AM - 8:30 PM
8:30 AM - 8:30 PM
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Our Services

A prepayment is required. We will collect a $25 deposit that will count towards your services or it will be refunded back to you.
Endermologie 35 Keymodule
Endermologie 45 Keymodule
Endermologie 35 Integral
Endermologie by Alex
A combination of the old and tested LPG protocol, mixed with new maneuvers. Option 1: 45 minutes Endermologie body session followed by 15 min Face express with mobilift. Option 2: 60 minutes body session addressing all esthetic concerns: lymphatic, lose skin, body sculpting and fat targeting programs.
Microcurrent Body Toning - one area
one area; 30 minutes treatment, 10 minutes reserved for set up
Microcurrent Body Toning - two areas
two areas; 30 minutes treatment, 10 minutes reserved for set up
Microcurrent Body Toning - four areas
stomach and front thighs 30 minutes buttocks and back thighs 30 minutes
LED therapy - face
LED skin rejuvenation/tightening
LED therapy - body
Restores proper functioning of skin cells, reduces inflammation and improves skin tone.
Body Suit For Endermologie
MobiLift6 Face Endermologie
LED LTi infusion
A longer, more intense version of LED facial, that involves specially designed serum or mask, added to the light treatment, which is applied between different colors of the light for maximum absorption. For added penetration we can use Revitapen in conjunction with product application. The pen creates a micro injury to the top layer of your skin, allowing high potency serum to be better assimilated ruing light stimulation.
Add-on Microcurrent Mini Facial
This is an add-on service to Endermologie Face with Mobilift
Infrared Sauna Pod
Infrared Sauna
Microdermabrasion with serum infusion
Dry microdermabrasion followed by serum infusion
Endermologie by Alex
Targeted multimodality
4 technologies in one visit for area of choice: stomach, front or back thighs, buttocks 20 min microcurent 30 min LED with Image Cell.U.Lift cream 20 min Endermologie 30 min BallancerPro
Z Wave
Ballancer Pro

Our Staff

Assistant Chaffon
Endo tech Adv Certified
16 years of exclusive Endermologie experience. 4 certificates in Endermologie, including advance training.
Infrared Sauna Pod
Malia Dubuque
Natalia Aguilar
Natalia has been certified 6 months ago as an Endermologie technician and is working towards her advanced level of expertese