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Sedona Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness

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Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We are dedicated to bringing balance into the mind, body and spirit. Take the time to focus on the most important person in your life, you… Our sessions focus on encouraging grounding, well being, balance, and renewal. You deserve this time to bring in love and nurture to yourself.
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Our Services

90 Min Groupon Service
90 Min Hot Stone Groupon Service
Sedona Rejuvenation Treatment
A perfect way to unwind for a long day out in the Sedona Sun, this special session helps with stress reductions and soothing aching muscles. Your session will begin with a guided imagery meditation to help assist you in unwinding and sending you into a deep relaxed state of mind. We will then gently apply our warm special blend of aroma therapy oils to the skin in order to help assist in stimulating the muscle fibers and the olfactory senses. Our aroma therapy blend contains the essential oils of Ginger, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Thyme, Orange, Spruce and Ylang Ylang. All oils that help assist with relaxation. Warm stones will be utilized to help sooth your muscles and release tension in the body. This session will combine regular massage techniques in addition to the hot stones, a wrap to heat up the body to promote relaxation and detoxification, and ending your session with foot reflexology.
Relaxation Massage
This light – light medium pressure session is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind from the day. Your session will be focusing on relaxing the mind and body in a quiet, calm, and nurturing environment.
Relaxation Massage
This light – light medium pressure session is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind from the day. Your session will be focusing on relaxing the mind and body in a quiet, calm, and nurturing environment.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage will provide a relaxing atmosphere to help assist you with relaxation while applying therapeutic pressure to the muscles to assist with your day to day muscle tension. This session is for those seeking healthy level of medium to deep pressure yet still want a relaxation massage.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage will provide a relaxing atmosphere to help assist you with relaxation while applying therapeutic pressure to the muscles to assist with your day to day muscle tension. This session is for those seeking healthy level of medium to deep pressure yet still want a relaxation massage.
Sports Massage
Your session will start off with a consultation with your therapist to discuss your specific needs. The level of intensity will be determined by your licensed professional based on what your specific needs are. Sports Massage incorporates a blend of therapeutic modalities to focus on chronic pain caused by muscle tension and tight fascia. Your session will be specifically blended to release muscle tension, increase range of motion and improve circulation.
Neuromuscular Therapy
NMT is a scientifically based treatment for the soft tissue in the body. Using various techniques to assist with chronic pain caused from nerve compression, lack of blood flow in the body, and postural imbalances your therapist will assist you with relieving these imbalances. Your session will start with a consultation to discuss your specific needs. The level of intensity will be determined by your licensed professional.
Neck, Shoulders, & Feet Massage
This custom session is great for focusing on the main problem areas in the body. For this 60-minute session, your therapist will focus 30 minutes on the neck and shoulders, and 30 minutes on the feet.
Reflexology applies pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, head, and ears. This session helps with reflex points that align with different organs in the body and relieve pressure from the feet, hands, and head. Reflexology will also help you understand any imbalances occurring in the body.
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage is provided to women from their first trimester on. This session provides special techniques that are safe and nurturing for both the mother and the baby. This session is a traditional prenatal, allowing the mom to be comfortably bolstered throughout the first half of the session, and then provided a sideline massage through the second half of the session. This gentle, light pressure massage helps remove stress off the body to allowing mom to feel relaxed and at ease.
Tui Na Aroma Therapy Massage
Your session will begin with a unique blend of essential oils specifically designed for relaxation. This gentle aroma therapy session helps with balancing your energy and clearing your mind, along with relieving tension from the body. Your therapist will provide specific Massage and Tui Na techniques to help promote nerve and meridian stimulation in the back while applying these warm aroma therapy oils to the skin.
Sedona Chaparral Hydration Treatment
A beautiful way to re-hydrate your skin after a long day out in the sun. This session will start you with a relaxing dry brushing technique to gently lift away dead skin cells and provide circulation to the lymphatic system. Your therapist will then apply therapeutic Chaparral Oil to the body to bring back moisture to the skin. You will then be gently wrapped in thermal sheets to help your skin soak in the moisture, while your neck and shoulders get a little massage to help you relax even further.
Hot Stone Massage
Massaging with hot stones helps provide deep relaxation while providing detoxification throughout the body. This session is particularly beneficial for those who have been out on long hikes in Sedona. The hot stones help soothe aches and pains in addition to stimulating the circulatory system.
Sacred Herbs Skin Renewal Wrap
A gentle scrub with Sacred Herbs that help bring balance and longevity to the skin. Warm sheets are placed over the body to help absorb the herbs into the skin. Your session will then be followed by light compression's with the warm towels, gentle oiling of the body, and a dry wrap. This session with leave your skin feeling young and fully rejuvenated.
Dosha Balancing Wrap
We will use the traditional Ayurvedic approach from India to cleanse and create balance throughout the body. Your session will start with an individual consultation to determine your Dosha, from there we will do a relaxing dry brushing technique to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Once the warm Dosha oil is applied to your body you will be gently wrapped, and a warm scalp treatment will be applied.
Shamanic Foot Detox Bath and Reflexology
This session will start with a gentle and soothing Shamanic Foot Bath to promote grounding, energy clearing and detoxification. A special blend of Epsom Salt, Ginger Tea, and Baking Soda to clear your energy, promote detoxification of the feet and ground you into the present moment. You will then receive a 45-minute foot reflexology session to promote relaxation and grounding further.
Full Moon Flower Essence Foot Soak with Reflexology and Reiki
A beautiful uplifting session to promote high frequency calmness and radiating energy. You will start your session with a gentle foot soak with Rose, Geranium and Palo Santo Wood Essential Oils. This soak will also be infused with Rose Flower Essence and Quartz Crystals that was energetically charged under the Full Moon. Once you feel ready to move on from your soak, your therapist will send you into a meditative state of mind with a guided meditation, while providing foot reflexology and reiki.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a unique and a powerful tool that assists those who seeking self healing and help create change within their lives. Your certified Hypnotherapist will guide you into a highly relaxed state of mind and work with your subconscious mind. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy connects the mind, body, spirit, and soul. This session assists in healing to heal your emotional body, and to reduce stress in the mind and body. This session benefits those seeking peace and healing from emotional traumas, emotional clearing, self image, grief, addiction, and chakra balancing. While you are in your trance-like state of mind, you will be more aware of what is happening deep within your body and mind.
Tui Na
A traditional Chinese therapy makes use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body called meridians, help establish harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body and bringing it back into balance. Similar to Acupuncture, this session focuses on the overall health of the client, instead of using needles for bringing balance, the practitioner uses pressure, strokes,and sometimes burning of moxa to bring the body back into balance. Please note that this is not a massage.
Moxibustion Treatment
Moxibustion is heat therapy from the dried plant called Moxa, a plant apart of the mugwart family. This session focuses on balancing the QI in the body and help assist with aches and pains. This session is good for those who have chronic pain from arthritis, IBS, muscle pain and more.
Reiki Energy Healing and Crystal Work
This session assists you in activating the natural healing process within yourself. This gentle energetic session will help reduce stress, bring peace, and re-align your Chakras. Reiki is known to help assist you in opening yourself up energetically to heal.
Cord Cutting
This session assists you in letting go of what no longer serves you. Old energetic patterns will be cut away, so new connections with others can be made. This session helps you with forgiving others and moving forward in your life.
Guided Meditation With Sound Healing
Go deep within yourself and experiencing the peaceful and healing frequencies of sound healing and guided meditation. Sound healing not only helps clear away and “stuck” energies in the body, but assists the mind in relaxing and going into a deep state of relaxation.
Deep Meditation
Through guided imagery and sound, your practitioner will assist you in a deep meditative like state of mind. This session not only teaches you how to go deep into meditation on your own, but how to reduce stress in your life.
Heart Space Journeying
Heart Space Journeying focuses in on the heart. Your heart holds the key to all of the wisdom of your soul. Get connected to your higher self, and learn what it is that your soul wants to heal. This session may incorporate Akashic record integration, past life regression, deep emotional clearing, meeting your guides, connecting to past loved ones, cord cutting, and more.
Soul Retrieval
Whenever we experience events that seem too overwhelming, fragments of our soul will leave our body with the full experience of the trauma, so our subconscious mind can process the situation without being too over whelmed. At some point these fragments need to be called back to our body so we can heal that trauma. Soul retrieval will assist you in calling back that energy to your body so you can finally start the healing process of the trauma.
Inner Child Healing
This session focuses in on the early traumas of childhood in a gentle and safe space. This session will help you re-integrate your inner child back into your heart space, so you can nurture and care for them. This gentle approach will help your inner child come to peace with early traumas that may have made him/her no longer feel safe, loved, or wanted. This session helps assist you in coming to terms with these emotions and bring your inner child back into his or her power, which is love.Understanding and Removing Contracts. This advanced session assists you in going within your Akashic records and find what energetic patters are no longer serving you. Find the purpose of your lessons, and how you can move forward from that lesson. Understand your karmic ties with someone, and why your relationship with them has a positive or negative effect on you.
Deep Emotional Clearing
This session brings you into the now and assists you on your own emotional clearing journey. Whatever emotional baggage you are carrying on your shoulders, this session will teach you how to ground, and re-balance yourself and utilize these tools in your daily life.
Oracle Card Reading
This intuitive reading is to help assist you in finding clarity in your life. Whether you are looking to take that job, move on from a situation, or move forward on a plan or idea, this can assist you in determining the right path for you.
Spiritual Guidance Readings
Are you feeling like you know you are meant to do something more than what is set in your path now? Do you feel you have unfulfilled spiritual gifts ready to be developed? Remember that you are exactly where you need to be always. This intuitive session will help guide you through where you want to go and gain clarity on some of the question you have about your spiritual path.

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