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Erin The Psychic Witch

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Our Services

New to psychic work? Not sure what to schedule? This quick check in and hello is right for you. This can be a phone call or you can come see me in person
Psychic Reading
This 60-minute reading is focused on bringing clarity and perspective through reading the energy of your 7 main energy centers that correspond to every area of you life.
Past-Life Reading
60 minute reading focused on 3 past life pictures and what is integrating from those lifetimes into your current lifetime. If you're feeling stuck in your life but cannot find the source of the issues - a past life reading is awesome
Energy Healing Session
Hands-on healing work is some of the most nourishing and nurturing work you can choose for yourself. This is more of a passive appt - it is a space to just come and receive. You'll leave feeling relaxed and dreamy - but like you moved a truckload of energy!
Psychic Womb Healing
The Goddess has awakened! This is a perfect appointment for anyone looking to heal the feminine and embody the magick. Mom issues? Bring it. Shame? Gotcha. Womb health kind wonky? Let's look at the energy and see what pattern in needing to held and loved. It doesn't take that long to unpack stuck energy when you're working in your feminine flow.
Men's Healing Space
We live in a binary culture... one that desperately needs healing from the corrosive programming we all grew up with. This space is offered for the masculine energy to be held and support as change and growth happen. Each session is designed specifically for where each person is in their awakening process.
Relationship Witchery
Relationships are extremely layered and complex experiences. And with the landscape of relationship changing all the time, dating - - mating and relating are mind-boggling at times. This 90-minute container is dedicated to holding neutral healing space for you to see (and unravel) the major themes at play in your relationship space.
Emotional Shadow Work
Ready to take a walk on the darker side? Have you been called to look at your demons right in the face and call your power back? Are you feeling existential dread on a far too regular basis? Do you suspect shame and past patterns are ruining your future? - this appointment is perfect for you.

Our Staff

Erin Schroeder
Erin is a master psychic reader, teacher, and mentor. She started her training in 2008 at Invision Psychic School in Chicago IL. After years of extensive training, she went on to take a staff role at her psychic school and before she started her own online psychic school in 2015. For Erin, the words Witch + Psychic are a daily practice of embodiment. Psychic: represents the conscious cultivation the Infinite Spirit that dwells in all of us. It represents the larger, cosmic, sometimes "alien or other" feeling part of ourselves that are meant to guide the human experience. Witch: refers to ancient earthly wisdom awake in any-body running feminine (womyn,womxn) energy.