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The Beauty Factory is the answer the need for a healthier alternative to the typical salon experience. Health is the real secret behind beauty, so that is the focus. The Beauty Factory is a trusted resource for information and naturally derived and organic products for your at-home beauty routine.
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Our Services

Now that you have filled out and submitted the questionnaire, you are ready for step two in the consultation. Go ahead and schedule a time that works best for you to meet with Serena. The first 15 minutes are free. After that, she may call it a therapy session and charge you accordingly. Remember, this consultation is not on the same day as your first service with her. Don't forget to come with your hair looking it's best do she can gauge your skill level and see what look you're currently going for.
Balayage is a French coloring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It's a freehand process where the color is painted by hand rather than traditional foiling or cap highlighting. It's very economical because it leaves virtually no line of demarcation when the color grows out. It's $139-159 depending on the look that you want. Your cut is included.
CHILDREN (10 and under)
Our kids deserve the same attention to detail as we do. They may have a little less hair, but their look is just as important. As a mother of four, Serena is excellent with kids.
CONDITION: Malibu Makeover Conditioning Treatment
Everyone needs a Malibu MakeOver. This two-step wellness treatment performed exclusively in the salon transforms tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair. This appointment can't be done on the same day as your color. If you want a color, too, book a detox. The first step is a patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals that activate into a gel to naturally draw malicious mineral deposits, chlorine and other impurities from the hair and scalp that prevent it from performing at its peak. The second step is a powerful reconstructor formulated with plant-derived proteins that seek out hair's weak spots and rebuild only where damage exists, strengthening strands from within, resulting in the dramatic difference of restoring hair to its peak performance. You’ll be wonderfully wowed with strands at their swingy, shiny best and your hair will be crystal-clear prepared for color or texturizing services. This preps your hair for color, but it can't be done on the same day as your color.
CONDITION: Olaplex Strengthening Treatment
An Olapex strengthening treatment rebuilds the bonds in your hair. It's like hitting the reset button to start the process of getting your healthy hair back. Olaplex was developed by a couple of biological scientists. Their area of study is in helping the body form biological bonds. They have patents out on discoveries that help keep transplants recipients from rejecting the transplanted body part. In the process of their research, they discovered how to multiply the bonds in the hair strand. If you want to see something cool, google an image of a strand of hair before and after Olaplex. Don't forget to visit the shop at to order your OLAPLEX No. 3 (the take home step) and I'll have it for you at your appointment. Here's the link:
If your hair feels like straw, is discolored from chlorine, or abused from your vacations you need to come in and detox. The service starts with a clarifying shampoo under a hot towel. After that's rinsed off, a plant enzyme gel is massaged into your hair and it gently removes every bit of build up from your hair while you sit for ten minutes under a detoxing halo of healing infrared heat. The treatment is followed up by the best conditioning treatment for your hair and a gorgeous blowout. (This is also good for any other kind of buildup including medications, oil, products, paraffin from unprofessional shampoos, residue from toning shampoos, etc.)
Serena loves Hothead hair extensions because they offer tons of color choices. They look natural, are easy to wear, and are easy to take care of. Extensions are a life-changer! On the day of your consultation, if you decide you want to go ahead with your dreams of longer, thicker hair, put down your deposit and Serena will place the order. You'll have your new hair within a week!
EXTENSIONS: Put In Your New Hair
So you've had your consultation, paid for your hair, and Serena said you could come in any time to put them in? That's so exciting!! Let's do this! This price does not include a haircut, but she probably already told you that. Remember to come in for your appointment with clean, straight hair that has not been conditioned.
It's time to move those extensions back where they belong. Serena will take them out, retape them, and put them back in in about an hour and a half. She's fast!
Is it time for a change? Serena will remove your extensions, retape them, and style your hair to set you up for the rest of your day. If you want a shampoo and blowout, just book one for afterward. Remember, you are used to your hair feeling longer and thicker, so you without extensions will be a little bit of a downer. You got used to how thick and long your hair was with extensions, it'll take you a couple of days, but you'll get used to your natural hair again.
EXTENSIONS: Oops, I lost one.
It's normal, even expected, for one or two of your extensions to comb out. It happens for various reasons and it's not a big deal to put it back in. Just find a time that works for both of us and I'll take care of it.
Serena is passionate about her platinum blondes. She has achieved success with them because she takes her time to protect the hair and do it right. Her guests appreciate the care she takes with their hair and have the same commitment and dedication to their hair that she does. Before you start this process, Serena wants to meet you. She'll tell you what is possible with your hair once she sees it, and she'll help you come up with a maintenance plan that works for you.
During this appointment, you'll get a gentle lightener enriched with OLAPLEX applied to your hair from scalp to ends. If you're going much lighter all over, or if you need to retouch the ends to freshen them, this is the service you'll book. The price depends on product and time. You'll know you need this because your blonde isn't as bright and shiny as it was when you first got it done. Platinum hair takes maintenance. In order to keep it fresh, you need to lift the remaining pigment from the toner, as it's become more of a stain than a compliment and needs brightening up. Serena takes advantage of the opportunity to give your hair a strengthening OLAPLEX treatment to keep your hair strong and growing.
You've already done the hard work of getting your hair that gorgeous platinum blonde. Now it's been 4-6 weeks and it's time to retouch your new growth. In this appointment we'll prelighten your roots with OLAPLEX infused lightener and then aply whatever tone of platinum we use on you. It takes about two hours. The price includes the OLAPLEX, toner, cut, and style. ONLY BOOK THIS IF YOU ARE ALREADY ONE OF HER PLATINUM GIRLS.
STYLE: Keratin Complex Express Blowout
A Keratin Complex Express blowout is the perfect solution for getting silky smooth hair. If you have limited time to spend in the salon, a Keratin Express blowout will allow you to have the same frizz free results as a normal keratin treatment, but in less time --typically just an hour. You can do this service on your lunch break, and unlike a normal keratin treatment in which you have to wait several days before washing your hair, with the Keratin Express treatment, you can wash your hair in just 8 hours after the service.
WAX: Eyebrows
Serena is a perfectionist when it comes to taking care of your skin. She sterilizes your skin with Nixall to remove any blemish-causing bacteria and applies essential oil infused arrowroot powder to your skin to keep the wax from sticking to it. Your brows are shaped to bring out the best of your natural shape in order to provide the best possible frame for your face. Finally, Serena soothes your skin with Nixall and Veriditas Organic Lavender oil to reduce redness and aid the body's natural healing process.
WAX: More Than Just The Eyebrows
For when you need your eyebrows and a little more waxed. Your upper lip, a couple spots on your chin? Whatever you need. Serena uses Nixall and an entirely organic and natural soothing balm to keep you from getting too irritated and red.
WOMEN: Color Roots To Ends
If you're staying the same color and need to refresh your ends or going darker, then this is the right choice for you. It's more than just touching up your new growth. It's also applying color all the way down to your ends to get those rich tones again. Your haircut is included. The price depends on product and time.
WOMEN: Color and Highlights
This is when you have, both, on-the-scalp color (we call it your "base" color) and highlights. If you're changing your base color to make it darker, lighter, or cover grays, and you're getting other colors foiled or painted in, this is the service you'll choose. The price ranges from 136-156 depending on the look you want. Your cut, OLAPLEX, toners, and style is included in the price.
WOMEN: Color Gloss
If you want glossy shine and a little color boost, then this is the right service for you. Blondes need this to get rid of brassy tones, brunettes need this to add rich tones back into faded hair, but you don't have to have a color added. You can just get clear shine that will last 3-6 weeks depending on your home care. This price includes a blowout.
WOMEN: Color Retouch
Just the roots? You got it. Your cut is included.
WOMEN: Haircut
Your haircut appointment is about more than just getting your ends trimmed. This is an opportunity for you to take the time to address whatever conditions your hair is going through. If it's brassy, dry, dull, or is weighted with buildup, Serena will treat your hair with the best products available so you can have the best hair possible. This is an upgrade from the average haircut, so allow 45 minutes and prepare to be pampered.
WOMEN: Multidimensional Highlights
There are so many options with highlights! You don't even have to technically get HIGH-lights, you could get lowlights, too, but you can discuss that with Serena when you come in. The price is between $139-152 and depends on the look you want. Oh, and it includes a haircut, toners, Olaplex, and style.

Our Staff

Serena has been a stylist for 19 years. In May of 2017, she opened The Beauty Factory, Springfield, Missouri's first and only Green Circle Certified salon.