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Our Services

Woman’s Haircut
Wella shampoo, deep conditioner, haircut design & styling.
Wedding Trial Run for Hair (complementary)
Arrive with day of or one day old dry cleansed and conditioned hair.
Wedding Trial Run Makeup (complimentary)
Consultation, complete contouring and makeup application.
Makeup Refresh
Powder foundation, eyeshadow, brow shading, mascara, lipstick and blush.
Man's Haircut
Shampoo, deep conditioner, haircut and styling.
Brow Shaping
Custom eyebrow shading & shaping with specially designed retractable tweezers.
Woman's Haircut Only
Wella shampoo, deep conditioner & haircut with no blowout styling.
Man’s Haircut only
Haircut and styling with no shampoo and conditioner.
Beard Trim
Hair Clean-Up
Trimming around ears and neckline.
Full Color
Wella Pre-Guard (stain preventer), color application, shampoo, post color treatment & deep conditioner.
Color Retouch (Regrowth Only)
Wella Color, shampoo, post color treatment & deep conditioner.
Full Foil Highlights
Wella foil highlight application, shampoo & post highlight treatment.
Partial Foil Highlights
Highlight application, shampoo and post color treatment.
Balayage Highlights
Balayage-highlights or lowlights application, shampoo & post color treatment.
Partial Balayage Highlights
Balayage application, shampoo, post color treatment & deep conditioner.
Color Toner for Highlights or Full Blonde
Wella shampoo, toner application & post color treatment.
Men’s Color
Wella Pre-Guard (stain preventative), Wella color application, rinse, Wella Shampoo and Wella Post Color Treatment (balances pH, locks in color, removes residual color product off the hair scalp and lightly conditions.
Wella shampoo, conditioner & styling.
Bang Trim
Yuko Japanese Straightener
Permanent hair straightening
Yuko Anti-Frizz
Removes frizz and slight curl reduction. Lasts 3 months.
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Makeup Application
Custom contouring, tailored foundation, concealer, eye shading, brow shading, eyelash primer, lash defining mascara, lips, blush and highlighting. Temporary eyelashes optional for $30 extra.
Temporary Eyelash Extensions
Custom temporary eyelash extensions. Lasts 1-2 weeks.
Color Removal
A service that removes permanent hair color for when going lighter with hair.
Dreadlock Perm
Create instant dreadlocks without the wait for it to occur naturally. Special technique using Permanent Wave solution. Hair length must be from collar or longer.
Face Waxing
Waxing Epilation for baby fine (Peach Fuzz) hair along the lower cheek and jawline of the face.
Service is best done on one day old clean dry hair.
Full foil lowlights
Wella Color Touch demi-permanent or Joico Color Intesity semi-permanent application, shampoo, post color treatment & deep conditioner.

Our Staff

Alphonse Bladergroen