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Company Care Associates - Drs. Donald and Kathy Shorter Managing Counselors

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Your very own confidential, private, personal, and corporate counselors... Company Care Associates. We are know by the companies we keep.
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Pre- Marital and Marriage Counseling & Personal Coaching Services
We are looking forward to assisting you through our counseling and coaching services today! As a convenience, electronic pre-payment is set up for your requested appointment. Please understand that we require at least 48 hours prior notice for your requested appoint date / time. Appointments are held at our Bellevue Office located at 11900 NE 1st Street Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98005, unless other location arrangements are made in writing and confirmed via email by our office. If you prefer to request phone or email counseling session instead, please indicate you preference via return email. Any other location request at one our locations are to be made via email and require prior arrangements to be confirmed in writing. Thank you for choosing Company Care Associates Counseling Services and Coach Me To Win! Email: Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Personalized Business & Management Coaching / Counseling Services
Confidential Business & Management Coaching / Counseling appointments are held at our Main Bellevue Office located at 11900 NE 1st Street Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98005. Confirmation for either, In Office, On Location, Email, or Telephone Coaching / Counseling sessions will be confirmed via email confirmation from our office prior to any scheduled appointment dates / times. If you prefer to request confidential Business or Management Coaching / Counseling appts. via phone call (425) 646-2390. Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Image Coaching
Create a new you! Our professional, personal, insightful personal coaches are ready to bring out your best attributes, to help you to present your personal, individual and business best presentation in just a few short sessions. Our confidential, personal, images coaches are ready to help you present the new you beginning today. Appointments are held at our Bellevue Office located at 11900 NE 1st Street Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98005 and various offices throughout the Pacific Northwest. Coaching you to Win! Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Aviation / Flight Career Coaching
Future Aviators In America’s Coaching or Red Bird Simulator session with one of our Future Aviators In America instructors through this site. For confidential personal / individual coaching or to book special aviation speaking events with the Future Aviators speakers for corporate events, schools, agencies, seminars or conferences, please call Future Aviators In America at the Company Care Associates Offices at (425) 646-2390 or (253) 566-7497. Aviation related Coaching and Counseling services are held at various locations. Events and meeting are scheduled three to six months in advance through our office, unless prior arrangements are arranged and confirmed in writing. You may also email for more information at: Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
PCC Cares “Member Only” - Family or Personal Counseling Appointments
Family or personal counseling appointments are available exclusively for PCC Members, that are in good standing with the ministry and have been in regular service attendance during the previous 6 months through the PCC Cares Department in association with Company Care Associates and Coach Me To Win! Note: (PCC Member Only Family or Personal Counseling appointments are limited to a one hour free counseling session, per year, per family for qualified PCC Members). PCC Member Only Family or Personal Counseling appointments are held at the Pacific Christian Center Tacoma offices at 3211 - 112th Street East Tacoma, WA 98446. If any other counseling location will used, the alternate appointment location will be confirmed in writing by the PCC office staff. For immediate PCC Member Only outreach assistance for members in good standing with PCC, please call the PCC We CareDepartment member assistance line at (253) 566-3004 or (253) 566-7493 or Email Thank you.
Ministry Counseling and Coaching for Pastors, Ministers, Ministry Leaders, Business Owners and Non Profits Managers
Specialized confidential personal counseling / coaching / or assistance for Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders are available either in person, via email or over the phone. Times may vary and include office counseling appointments are held at our office in various locations or at our Main Bellevue Office located at 11900 NE 1st Street Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98005. For Ministry, Leadership, Business related consulting or counseling appointments call our office direct at (253) 566-7494. Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Excellence In Business Seminar / Conference and Corporate Speakers, Career Coaches and Consultants
Book an appointment today with one our expert Company Care Associates Career Coaches or one of our our Future Aviators Aviation Career Associates to help you with the proper decision making for your next career steps. Your next career deserve the best advise and expert coaching from Company Care Associates. Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Future Aviators In America scheduling and planning for speakers, seminars, courses and assemblies
Schedule one the exciting Flight Team Members from the Future Aviators In America S.T.E.M. Center flight group to speak at your next function, seminar, conference or school. Each event is customized to fit your company’s or agency’s needs, and are designed to motivate inspire and encourage your staff or audience audience towards the exciting new innovations in S.T.E.M. though aviation and aerospace. Select your desired date and submit your speaking request today to have one our scheduling staff members to contact your organization right away. Services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Media Elite - Advertising, Marketing and Production Group
Schedule a business marketing consultant from the Media Elite Production’s staff to assist with the creation, strategizing and placement of your next media campaign or social media marketing move. The Media Elite Production and Marketing Group features a complete team of experienced media consultants and creative producers with decades of experience. Set your appointment today with one of Media Elite marketing specialist. Media Consulting Services provided as a donated service of Media Elite Productions. Scheduling services provided by Company Care Associates with offices WorldWide.
Staff Training / Planning Meeting
Staff Training / Planning for all staff for staff and volunteers for all corporate entities.
Personal Meeting

Our Staff

Dawnet Davis - Event / Wedding Coordinator & Consultant
Dawnet Davis has over 10 years of award winning wedding and event planning for various types of events and exquisite wedding presentations from around the world. Here event planning has involved some of America’s top corporations and companies.
Dr. Don Shorter
Dr. Donald Shorter is an Aviation, Business and Ministry Consultant, and a Professional Coach. Dr. Shorter has over 40 yrs. of Business, Aviation, Media and Ministry consulting experience. Dr. Shorter is the founder of Company Care Associates.
Dr. Kathy Shorter
Dr. Kathy L. Shorter is a Board Certified Marriage and Family Counselor and a Professional Success Coach with 20 years of counseling experience and 45 years of marriage. Dr. Kathy Shorter specializes in Pre- Marriage counseling of couples of all ages.
Future Aviators Flight Training Specialist
The Future Aviators Aviation Consulting &Training Staff are experience Commercial Pilots, D.P.Es., Flight Instructors or Aviation Career Consultants. The Future Aviators Flight Team associates are here to coach our clients to aviation success!
Senior Counseling and Consultant Associate
Our Senior Business Consultants are experienced in consulting and counseling in myriads of areas in business, aviation, media, ministry & personal needs. Our professional Associate team members are here because of the results they provide for our clients.
Terrele Davis - Business Consultant & Senior Associate
Terrele Davis is an experience Corporate Manager and Personell Consultant. Mr. Davis’ training in handling complex employee relations & management is sought after across the America and is used to cause staff and management to excel successfully together.