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Our Services

September 24th Women's Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Retreat
This one day workshop
90-Minute Sliding Scale Therapy Session
This is a 90-minute therapy session at the sliding scale rate of $120.
30 Minute Session
30-minute phone session for existing clients. This is either a therapy session or a mindfulness guidance session.
Phone Call
10 minute phone consultation for NEW clients interested in booking a therapy session.
90-minute INDIVIDUAL Private Meditation/Mindfulness Instruction
OLD RATE 90-Minute Therapy Session
Private Meeting 2-Hours
Private Meeting
60-minute Therapy Session Sliding Scale $75
Sliding scale 60-minute therapy session
Public Mindfulness Presentations
Becca is available for hire for staff trainings, corporate mindfulness training, public and private wellness events, group meditations, etc. The duration and cost are project specific and vary depending on the intended goal and needs of the group. Contact Becca directly to arrange a time to discuss your project.
UCLA IPP Mentor Call with Becca Peters either lasting 30 or 60 minutes depending on the individual needs of the mentee.
**Refresher 30-Minute Individual Mindfulness/Meditation Instruction (prior participation in a group class or 1-hour private session is required)
**Available to those who have already participated in either a group class or an individual 60-minute Mindfulness or Meditation Mentor Session with Becca. This 30-minute mindfulness and/or meditation session is meant as a support to freshen up or follow up on your existing practices. The completion of a one-hour mentor session is required prior to scheduling a 30-minute refresher session.
60-Minute Therapy Session
A 60-minute therapy session offered by Rebecca (Becca) Peters, LCSW.
OLD RATE 60-Minute Therapy Session
90-Minute Therapy Session
A 90-minute therapy session offered by Rebecca (Becca) Peters, LCSW.
Private Meeting 1.5 hour
90 minute private meeting
Phone call 15 Minutes
Phone Call
Half an hour UCLA IPP Mentor Call
30 minute Consultation
Schedule a brief one-on-one meeting with Becca Peters to share a little bit about yourself and to have an opportunity to ask questions related to your goals and how the unique services offered at Metta Mindfulness Center, LLC will support your path to healing and wellness.
Free Morning SILENT Meditation Group
This is a SILENT meditation offering for students who are familiar with seated meditation and wish to practice 30 minutes of silence. Doug Wildfoerster will facilitate the ringing of the bells to begin and end the practice. There will be no guidance in this meditation. Please arrive a few minutes early as the meditation will begin and end on time. Please sign up to reserve your spot on a cushion.
Corporate & Organizational Consulting 90 minutes
Private consulting designed to fit the individual needs of the organization.
Private Meeting 1-Hour
Private Meeting
60-Minute Therapy Session Sliding Scale
Sliding scale 60 minute therapy session
Corporate & Organizational Consulting
For organizations who would like a customized program to offer Mindfulness and Compassion in the workplace. Consulting agreements are made on a case-by-case basis.
Private Meeting 30 minutes
30 Minute Meeting
OLD RATE 2-hour Therapy Session
Private Group 3-hours
This is a 3-hour private group event offering.
2 Hour Therapy Session
2 Hour Individual Mental Health Session

Our Staff

Rebecca Peters