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ContoursFX, provides Seattle's best face and body painting and so much more! Above all of that, we now are offering permanent tattoo sessions with Dutch. Dutch is a very accomplished artist with a lifetime of artistic experiences from oil, acrylic and watercolor on canvas, shoes and other textiles to sculpting and molding for theater and fun. He is also a famous face and body painting instructor that is annually invited all around the world for his amazing teaching techniques. Our services: Permanent tattoos. Face & body painting. Special effects makeup. Commissioned artwork. Airbrush, glitter, temporary and flash tattoos. Murals, in-store classes and retail. Full-on black light 3D attractions. You tell us what you need! We will do our best to accommodate you.
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Our Services

Step 1 Tattoos: Artwork Consultation Free
1. This is your initial sit-down consultation with tattoo artist, Dutch Bihary. 2. You will need to bring in any hand drawn artwork, photo scrap, or images of your desired tattoos. 3. Dutch will take your concept and if you choose to move forward with the tattoo artwork, you will be asked to pay $50 at this time. 4. This money will cover the artist's time to create a custom piece of art. If you approve the artwork, this $50 will be applied to the overall cost of the tattoo service. 5. If you do not approve or schedule a tattoo session within 30 days of the final art, the $50 will go to the artist's time and not be applied to the final cost of the tattoo. You will have to pay in full at the time of scheduling. 6. Artwork belongs solely to the artist, including the original sketch to the final rendering, no photocopies or photos are allowed. Copy of final artwork for purchase is available. 7. If you choose to make changes, the 1st rework is free after that each additional rework will be $50 each.
Step 2 Tattoos: Flash/Artwork Creation
Congratulations on moving forward with the tattoo artwork by Dutch. 1. This $50 will be for the creation of the tattoo from your initial consultation and can take a few days to a week to render depending upon the number of people that are ahead of you. 2. We will then ask you to come in and sign off on the artwork and put and down payment towards your tattoo session. This $50 will be applied to the overall cost of you tattoo. If you choose not approve or schedule a tattoo session within 30 days of the final art, this non-refundable installment will be forfeit and go to cover the artists' time in creating the original artwork. 3. The artwork is the sole property of the artist including the original sketch to the final rendering, no photocopies or photos are allowed.. If you desire a copy of the final artwork (paper form) please contact Brecky for rates.
Tattoos: 2-Hour Session with Dutch
Dutch is fairly new to tattooing. Although, he is new, he has an amazingly talented and established tattoo artist as his mentor. As he is new to this and trying to gauge his timing on how long he will need on each project, please allow enough money for a few extra hours, just in case his guess is a bit off. This is a non-refundable payment towards your tattoo session(s) with Dutch. Please review our strict NO-SHOW policy that you sign before the session. Plan to bring cash or card for the balance, just in case he does more that 2 hours of tattooing. Thank you.
Tattoos: 1 Hour Min Session
We charge forward on 15 minute increments after the first full hour, This non-refundable amount is for up to a 1 hour tattoo session with Dutch. Balance to be collected at the time of your session. Thank you.
Tattoos: Additional Artwork "Rework"
Pay this amount for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. reworks. Hopefully you will love this one! Please be aware that the fee from "reworks" DO NOT get applied to your tattoo fee. This will go directly to the artist.

Our Staff

Dutch Bihary, Licensed Tattoo Artist