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As Portland's farm-to-table salon and barbershop, Ever Green provides hair cuts, shaves, styles, and colors. We specialize in services for ethical consumers who want to look good while making smart choices. As a Green Circle Salon, Ever Green is proud to be part of an international movement that holds salons and barbershops to the highest possible standards.
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Our Services

This is for children 2-10yo that receive any type of clipper work. Hair needs to be CLEAN. CHILDREN MUST BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES AND ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ROAM OR CLIMB ON FURNITURE.
This is for kids 2-10yo. Hair must be CLEAN. Shampoo and Blowdry cost extra. CHILDREN MUST BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES AND ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ROAM OR CLIMB ON FURNITURE. Price is $25-45
Mike ONLY Buzz Cut
This is a cut that is all the same length guard all over with clippers.
Mike ONLY Barber Cut
Mike ONLY Razor Head Shave
Shave entire head using straight razor
Mike ONLY Cutthroat Shave
Mike ONLY Cut/Shave combo
Mike ONLY Beard Trim
Bang Trim
Bang trims always complimentary on existing salon clients.
Jolie ONLY Blowout
This includes a shampoo, blowout, and any necessary iron work.
Jolie ONLY Adult Cut
NO CUTS UNDER 12YO. I am doing 90% of my haircuts on dry hair now(New Training). If I need to wet you down I will use a spray bottle. Please come with CLEAN hair. This service includes a iron style, but not a euro blowout. If you would like a blowout, please book the blowout as an additional service. If you just need a quick clean up, please still book a "Dry Cut/Maintenance Cut" service. If I need to shampoo it will be $10 extra. This service will be $55-65.
Jolie ONLY Hair Dusting Maintenance Cut EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY!
NO KIDS CUTS. This cut is a quick clean up cut. Fringe, texturizing, de-bulking, split ends. It is a 15min apt. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. This does not include a style.
Jolie ONLY Color Touch Up
This service is for you if you get an all over color applied right to the regrowth area. It includes any refreshing of the ends if applicable. This does NOT include any highlighting, foiling, or balayage. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. Price range starts at $85 and up. Comes with blowdry/style. If you need a haircut, please add "Jolie ONLY Adult Haircut" when booking your service.
Jolie ONLY Color
This service is for you if you would like any dimensional color that would include foiling, highlighting, balayage. NO VIVID COLORS. Price ranges from $85 and up. Please text for a consult if you would like a more specific price. 760-805-8779. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. Includes blowdry/style. If you need to add a haircut, please add "Jolie Only Adult Haircut" when booking your service.
Jolie ONLY T-zone Color Touch up
This is for a quickie grey or root conceal through the T-zone. It does not include Blowdry or style. Must be under 1.5" regrowth to qualify. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR.
Jolie ONLY NEW SET Hair Extensions install
MUST HAVE CONSULT! New application of hair extensions TEXT 760-805-8779
Jolie ONLY Hair Extension Move Up Maintenance
This is to move your extensions up. Please come with CLEAN hair.
Jolie ONLY Hair Extensions Consultation
Consultation is required for all hair extension services. During this consultation, the price will be discussed. OR TEXT 760-805-8779
Jolie ONLY Hair Flair/Fairy Hair/Feathers
This service is for an application of hair tinsel or feathers.
Includes Shampoo
Mid-Long cut
This is for hair past the shoulder and longer. Includes shampoo and blowdry
Base Touch Up
Just regrowth for an all over color. Includes Blowdry. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR.
Regrowth Touch Up AND Haircut
All over color Regrowth only and a haircut. NO FOILING. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. Starting at $100
Color-Balayage, Highlights, All Over
Color Only without a haircut. Includes all techniques. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. Starting at $120
Color AND Haircut- Highlights, Balayage, All Over Color
This is for any color application method PLUS a Haircut Service. COME WITH CLEAN HAIR. Starting at $150

Our Staff

Aleta Lundquist
Aleta discovered her love for hair at a young age. She apprenticed and worked with Aveda before moving on to working for herself. She is often advancing her craft and techniques. She enjoys creating low maintenance styles, blonding and blending grays.
Jenny loves the creativity hairstyling offers and the connections she makes with clients. From short to long, high maintenance to wash-and-wear, she'll help you choose the best cut and color for your lifestyle.
Jolie Faulkner
With two decades experience in professional hair services, Jolie is driven by a holistic approach to great hair. She loves working with each of her clients on fixing damaged hair, finding a better color, or crafting a low-maintenance hair style.
Mike Faulkner
For the past 2 years, Mike has poured his heart and soul into every haircut he’s given. Mike’s interest in creating a chemical-free, eco-friendly barbershop was driven by his 13 years of experience in the environmental consulting field.