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Sewer Camera Inspection
Same Day Results Digital Report/Video (Next Day) Best Price Guaranteed! Replace Clean-out Cap (when rusted shut) +$20 Pull Toilet/Reseal (if clean-out inaccessible) +$50 Travel fees vary if outside of Spokane **Saturday Camera Inspections $119 Book online or call 509-822-2201
Line Clean/Clog Removal
Hassle free booking online or by phone. Replace Clean-out Cap (when rusted shut) +$20 Pull Toilet/Reseal (if clean-out inaccessible) +$50 **Saturday Line Clean $169 Travel fees vary if outside Spokane. Book online or call 509-822-2201 (Services exclude dishwasher clogs)
Tree Root Removal Package
Have roots? Know that's the issue? This is for you. Instead of paying for a clog removal, this is for a root removal treatment. We attack the roots head on, run the blade not once but twice and verify with a camera inspection (Included). We also treat the root tips that are cut with root killer chemicals (Included) to keep them gone for at least a year.
Original Sewer Permit Copy
We can get your original sewer permits from the city and email you a copy. You need this when selling or buying a home. This allows you to understand how to explain and show a Rooter guy/plumber how your mainline is laid out in case of an emergency. Not every permit is the same but on average they include: Piper size Pipe map Pipe type Depth Length from home to street Who built it Built year And much more... Some homes don’t have permits because they did not get pulled when the sewer was installed. This could be due to a issue that would have failed the sewer or it failed and was never rechecked and permitted. In this case you should book us online to do a camera inspection. This is the only way to know what’s going on down there in the main line. Payment: After booking we will send you a payment link within a few hours. Once you pay, your permits will be in your email within 24 hours.

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