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Tamaya Jay

A’Bliss Upscale Styling Studio
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Our Services

Shampoo & Style
Basic shampoo and style for relaxed hair.
Relaxer, reconstructor treatment and trim w/ basic style.
Virgin Relaxer
This application is for clients who have gone over 6 months w/o a relaxer
Custom Cut & style
Hair is shampooed and given a full hair cut w/ basic style
Relaxer & hair cut
Hair is relaxed and a full cut basic style is included.
This is a add on service.
Silk press
This is for natural clients. Hair is blow dried and straightened.
Basic sew in
This is for a basic sew in up to 3 bundles.
Specialty Sewin
This included 2-part , 3-part and lace closure sew ins. A non transferable & non refundable deposit it required. After booking you will receive a email. If invoice is not paid, appointment will be cancelled.
Custom Unit
A custom unit is created for you. . This price includes a deep condition and braid down of clients natural hair . Can be sewn down or removed daily. Bundles can be colored for additional price. Hair Is NOT INCLUDED.
Custom unit application
Clients hair is washed , moisture treated and braided down. You have a choice to get it sewn down or you can remove daily. Basic styling of unit is included .
Sew in removal
This is just for the removal of the sew in. If sew in was not done in salon price may increase.
Bundle custom coloring
Get a vibrant custom color to enhance your sewin.
Bundle cleaning
Bundles will be cleansed prior to getting a service
Shampoo w/ sewin
Total maintainance for sew in. If sew in was done in salon, tightening of the sew in is included.
Semi permanent hair color
Semi permanent hair color tints the hair. This is a add on service. If you need grey coverage , please select Demi permanent .
Demi permanent hair color
This is for gray coverage. This is a add on service.
Flexirod set
Hair is set on flexi rods.
2 strand twist
Entire head is 2 strand twisted. This style last over 2 weeks.
Flat twist/ braid out
Hair is set with flat twist or braids for a beautiful textured look.
Natural braided style
Natural hair is braided or twisted into a protective style. Shampoo and moisture is included. (No weave added)
Tapered hair cut
Natural hair is cut into a short easy to maintain style. Clippers are used to achieve this look. Shampoo is included with this style
Moisture treatment
The best conditioners and oils are infused into your hair to ensure ultimate moisture and restore health.
Protein Treatment
Protein treatment is applied to hair. This strengthens hair and should only be done once ever 8 weeks
Keratin Treatments
Keratin treatments are for natural hair clients. This provides strength and manageability to hair. Hair texture usually loosens after this treatment. Is recommended quarterly
Hair beautox
Amino acid treatment for natural hair. Does not alter curl pattern, shorter blow dry time , less frizz and more manageable. Recommended quarterly
Hair is bonded with glue to a cap.
Hair is styled with crochet hair . Please only PRE LOOPED HAIR
Braidless Sewin (by track)
Tracks are sewn in between hair for full ness. Anything AFTER 4 tracks is considered a full head .
Braidless Sewin Full Head
A full head microlinks by tracks with a braidless sewin In.
Blow Out Before You Go Out
Blow out Special , EVERY FRIDAY . Deposit is required.
Special is ran every Tuesday . Deposit is required. Just leave a note on what type of sewin when you book. (Basic , specialty or braidless)

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