Zenbody Massage Therapy

Premier At-home Massage that is uniquely catered to you and your body. Having a therapist come to you has never been easier as we serve the Phoenix Metro area. We also visit your job, hotels, and anywhere else we can fit a massage table. Types of bodywork: Performance and Recovery, Myofasial Release, Sports, Deep tissue, Cupping, Trigger point, Swedish, Active Stretching, Foam rolling, Theragun, And more. Rates start at $70/hour and vary based on location. Questions about rates or bodywork, feel free to call us.
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Cupping within Massage
Add cupping to any massage. Cupping will be done on your problem areas, for up to 20 minutes on any one area at a time, and anywhere else as needed thru out the session.
90 Minute Bodywork Session
60 Minute Bodywork Session
2 Hour Bodywork Session
20-30 minutes of pure cupping with no massage
Chair Massage
We offer chair massage for all kinds of events! Birthdays, weddings, works events, church, and so on. Please contact us thru phone to book your chair massage event at 480-382-3966
CBD Oil Add in
Using CBD oil treatment has been shown to significantly decrease inflammation, reduce anxiety, and pain relief among other benefits. 2 ways to infuse CBD in your session -Ingest prior to session -use on specific area/muscle group 600mg dropper used up to 2x
Foam rolling
Perfect to release IT bands, quads, and back! Free!

Our Staff

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