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Above N' Beyond Waxing & Facials

Above N' Beyond Waxing & Facials provides a "Personalized" approach toward waxing and facial services to help clients look and feel their best!
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Our Services

Bikini Wax
Bikini area is hair located anywhere outside the labia majora, not to exceed the thigh region and not to exceed the inner crotch area past the anus or above the hair growth perimeter. Stomach is not included in this service...
Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian Waxing (within 4-5 weeks)
Chest Wax
Waxing areas of the entire chest and stomach. Does not include shoulders or any area past the waist line.
Back Waxing
Waxing of the back from the top of the shoulders to the waistline. Does not include arms or buttocks.
Lip Wax
Wax applied to the upper lip region. Does not include nose or face.
Full Face Wax
From above the eyebrows on the forehead, the cheeks, chin and lower chin. Does not include neck, brows or lip.
wax existing brows. Clean up.
Brow Arching and Shaping
Arching and Shaping of Brows.
Chin (Basic)
Waxing the chin area. Nothing lower or above the lip or cheeks.
Half Arm
Waxing of the lower arm above the wrist.
Arm Waxing
Waxing of both arms from top of shoulder to the wrist.
Under Arm Wax
Waxing the under arm region (hair must be 1/4 inch in length to achieve a clean wax without stubble).
Half Legs
Below knee and includes foot wax.
Leg Wax
Wax legs from inner thigh and lower leg not intrusive to the bikini region, to the ankle bone. Foot will be included with this service.
The Ultimate European Facial
A 60 minute facial: Consists of aroma therapy blended oils, steam enhanced procedures, deep cleansing, exfoliation of clogged pores or black heads, facial massage & a refreshing masque application to help your skin feel revitalized and refreshed.
The Grand Facial
A 45 minute facials: Steam enhanced procedures, exfoliation, facial massage, and a cooling masque for a glowing 'moisturized' appearance.
Quick Mini Facial
Steam enhanced aroma therapy, exfoliation deep cleaning and a multivitamin masque' for a quick, refreshing glow! (NO extractions with this service).
The Back Facial
A 30 minute facial for the Back: Consists of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (if needed) and topical astringent agents to rid of stubborn back acne and clogged pores. In addition, a light moisturizing lotion to refresh and renew the skin.
Facial Add On: Glycolic Acids
Add on to a Facial of any type a Glycolic sweep to your selected facial to rid of dead skin cells and refresh and renew the epidermis layer of your skin to another level of tighter and more defined, younger looking skin.
Facial Add On: Microdermabrasion
In addition this service can be added to any facial listed. This is a deep penetrating, manual micro-abrasion applied to the skin to aid in tightening and enhancing the dermal layers of the skin to "wake up" the collagen within the skin to help the skin appear more supple and lessens the look of fine lines over time. Note: This process may cause temporary reddening and drying of the skin up to 2 weeks after treatment.
Hot Stone Hand Massage
Healing, Smooth Stones heated to the perfect temperature and massaged over tight hands to lessen muscle tension to the hands. This is a great add on to any of our yummy facials...
Dermaplaneing of Facial hair
The removal of fine hair off the face and forehead. This process is done by a fine blade with a guard to remove that unwanted shadow hair (downy hair) on the face.
Brow Tinting
Tinting of Brows...
Lash Tinting
Tint applied to both eyelashes to provide a dramatic effect. Great to do prior to a vacation. It gives the eye a look as if you are wearing mascara. Lasts 1-3 weeks.
Teen/Youth Acne Facial
Facial consists of deep cleaning with Steam and Ultra Sonic facial stimulation. Skin analysis and counseling: Cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masque and moisturizers. All natural plant based products used.
Scalp Massage
15 minute scalp massage with multiple essential oils to help aide in relaxation and rejuvenation.
cancellation fee w/o 24 hour cancellation!
clients that do not cancel prior to a 24 hour notice will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee!
add on service treatment misc scrub application
Add on service Treatment Jason's
Add Tweezer lesson application
Tweezer training
Stimulator Peel & European Facial with Hydra Mask Special!
Dermal Level Peel to assist in lightening, conditioning and brightening the skin by diminishing and fading brown spots and hyperpigmentation through a retinoid (Vit A) process. Recommend 3 treatments!

Our Staff

Heather Andrews
Heather Andrews is a licensed Cosmetologist with over 25 years experience. She has a passion for her client’s skin care needs and for helping them look and feel their best through the use of calming waxing techniques & an individualized skin care focus.