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Our Services

RVP Software Demo with Don Slaught
Online software demo with company owner/founder Don Slaught. See how we use MLB and NPF Pro models to train hitters and pitchers in baseball and softball.
RVP Technical Support
Online technical support for your RVP software and hardware needs. Appointments are set for 30 minutes but may take longer depending on the issue and required computer updates.
RVP Software Setup
Assistance installing the RVP Software on your Windows OS device.
RVP Stadium Edition - RVP Analysis and Web Query Training (Coaches)
This interactive online demo trains coaches to use the video analysis tools, filter video to query any game event, generate instant reports, and use the interactive spray charts and heat maps to find the video clip of a particular hit or to find tendencies in opposing teams.
RVP Stadium Edition - RVP Tagging Training (Managers)
This interactive online demo trains your tag person or team on how to tag, upload, transfer and query every pitch of every game.

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