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Hello Baby

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Our Services

Hello Baby: Heartbeat Experience!
Come listen to your little one's heartbeat as early as 12 weeks! -10 minute ultrasound -3 black and white printed sonogram images
Hello Baby: Gender Experience!
Sneak peek at your baby’s gender! Scheduled as soon as 16 weeks. This service includes: 10 Minute Ultrasound
 with Gender Determination,
 5 black & white printed sonograms. This also includes 1 Reschedule in case your baby does not want to play nice.
Hello Baby: 3D/4D Bonding Experience!
A special preview of what your baby looks like! This is best done between 28 - 32 weeks. This service includes: 20 Minute Ultrasound with Gender Determination, 5 black & white printed sonograms and 1 Disc with all images from your Experience! This also Includes 1 reschedule in case baby does not want to play nice!
Hello Baby: 3D/4D Total Experience!
Two ultrasounds with all of the perks! This package includes both of our normal packages as well as up to 3 reschedules!
 Our normal packages are: Hello Baby: Boy or Girl?
 10 minutes and Hello Baby: 3D/4D Bonding Experience!
 20 minutes.

Our Staff

Brandon Hood
Brandon is a registered sonographer with more than 8 years experience. He is looking forward to making your ultrasound special for you and your family!