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Gaia Goddess Healing is a holistic wellness center devoted to transforming the physical body, releasing the busy mind and inspiring the soul to achieve set goals. Nancy offers organic facial treatments, reiki sessions, crystal healing, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, classes & workshops.
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Our Services

Relax and Recharge: ~Chakra Balance~
Relax and rejuvenate with soothing spa sounds and the support of gemstone minerals. This treatment will reset the energy flow within each of your 7 major energy centers to increase your vitality and body awareness. Treatment includes: *Crystal Therapy* *Aromatherapy* *Reiki*
Vital Flow: ~Custom Reiki Treatment~
Receive a full consultation, reading, customized treatment, gemstone and aromatherapy support as well as home care recommendations. Treatment includes: *Intuitive Card Reading* *Color Therapy* *Crystal Grid* *Aromatherapy* *Reiki*
Angelic Vibrations: ~Integrated Energy Therapy~
Clear physical and emotional energy blockages from your cellular memory and leave in their place positive empowerment energy imprints.
Cordelia's Quick Classic
This classic European facial treatment is designed as an introduction to skin care. It's a great option for men, women and teens looking for a home-care routine suited to their specific needs. This facial treatment includes a skin analysis with Skin Scope technology, a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, mask and moisturizer. This 50 minute facial is perfect for those 'on the go' with limited time for a treatment.
The Green Man (gentleman's skin-care treatment)
This customized cleansing and exfoliating treatment targets condition's specific to gentlemen. This deep-cleansing facial treatment includes plenty of steam to open up the pores for clearing; and incorporates both warm and cool towels to bring vitality to the skin. Soothing herbal serum alleviates shaving irritation while offering hydration, nourishment and protection to the skin and facial hair. Your treatment includes a complimentary massage of the neck and shoulders, arms and hands, and lower legs and feet.
Back to Basics (exfoliating back treatment)
This deeply relaxing treatment is designed to exfoliate and hydrate the often neglected area of the back, neck and shoulders. Suitable for women, men and teens, this back facial will leave your skin clear of clogged pores and dry itchy skin, while alleviating back pain.
Persephonone's Positive Purity (skin types: oily, combination, acne)
Purify your skin with this deep pore cleansing facial; which gently stimulates circulation, reduces blackheads and blemishes, and calms inflamed acne. Your facial will be complimented with an herbal tea treatment of fruits, flowers and herbs carefully selected for their abilities to cleanse, detoxify, soothe, prevent and protect skin that is prone to breakouts. *{suggested enhancements for this treatment are: "Earth: Crystal Therapy" facial massage with Amazonite gemstones rich in alkaline elements, which cleanse the pores; or "Fire: Tesla High Frequency" treatment for its oxygenating power and its antibacterial benefits.}*
Lakshmi's Lustrous Luminosity (skin types: dull, dry, discolored, blotchy)
Reduce discoloration from sun spots and acne scars with this facial treatment designed to lighten and brighten the complexion and vitalize the skin to provide a healthy glow. Your facial will be complimented with an herbal tea treatment of Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Orange Peel to help brighten the skin and protect it from UV damage. *{suggested enhancements for this treatment are: "Earth: Crystal Therapy" facial massage with Rose Quartz gemstones for its moisturizing effect on the skin; or "Air: Aromatherapy" treatment with your choice of Gaia Goddess Escentuals blends for relaxation and meditation.}*
Selene's Soothing Serenity (skin types: sensitive, problematic, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis)
A relaxing facial to reduce redness and sensitivity; this treatment hydrates, calms and soothes inflamed and irritated skin, giving it a more even skin tone. Your facial will be complimented with an herbal tea treatment of Passion Flower and Chamomile for its serene and soothing benefits. *{suggested enhancements for this treatment are: "Earth: Crystal Therapy" facial massage with Moonstone gemstones for it's nourishing effect on problematic skin or "Water: Ampoule Treatment with Dr. Temp Soothing Complex.}*
Rhiannon's Rejuvenating Reverie (luxury 'vitality' retreat)
Relax, and revive with this firming, toning facial; which softens fine lines and improves hydration and elasticity. This facial features Grape Stem Cell Solutions™ to promote the regeneration of healthy skin, and reduce the signs of aging; while protecting the cells against sun damage. Your treatment includes a refreshing aromatherapy experience and a hot stones treatment; as well as a specialty 'facial lifting' massage to improve the skin's resiliency.
Hera's Hydrating Harmony (luxury 'anti-aging' retreat)
This refreshing facial improves the overall health of the skin by restoring optimal moisture-lipid balance. The age-defying Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex™ quenches dry, dehydrated skin and works to smooth and plump the skin while providing enviable radiance. Jade crystals are used in your facial massage for their balancing effect on the skin. Your harmonizing facial will include a luxurious Hydrating Hand Healer treatment featuring local honey and brown sugar polish; and a coconut, pineapple Eco-fin shea butter moisturizing treatment and massage.
Earth: Crystal Therapy (Elements Enhancements)
Enhance your facial massage with the use of crystal massage wands made from earth's finest gemstones. Crystal wands are chosen for their unique mineral composition beneficial in treating targeted skin conditions.
Water: Ampoule Treatment (Elements Enhancements)
Drench your skin with highly concentrated fluid ampoules chosen for your specific skin care concerns. Fluids are made with highly active botanical extracts and designed for quick delivery and maximum absorption.
Air: Aromatherapy (Elements Enhancements)
Deepen your relaxation with an essential oil blend incorporated throughout your facial treatment. Enjoy your choice of a variety of blends to match your mood.
Fire: High Frequency (Elements Enhancements)
Rejuvenate your skin with the oscillating and oxygenating power of the violet ray. This gentle, warming electric current can improve your skin's elasticity, fade dark circles, decongest puffy eyes, cleanse and detoxify acne causing bacteria, decrease pore size and improve product absorption; thereby increasing the effectiveness of an ampoule treatment.
Stimulating Scalp Strengthener: Facial Add-On
High frequency electrode is used for germicidal exfoliation and penetration of Hemp oil treatment serum which is then worked into the scalp to tame troublesome conditions, stimulate hair follicles and improve the growth of healthy hair.
Stress-Less Serene Stones: Facial Add-On
Relax and unwind with an aromatherapy hot stone treatment to reduce tension of the neck and shoulders.
Hydrating Hand Healer: Facial Add-On
A gentle exfoliating scrub of local mountain honey and pure raw sugar polishes dry skin while healing, nourishing and protecting. Your exfoliating treatment will be followed by a moisturizing massage featuring Eco-Fin, a warm treat of natural Shea Butter, Vitamin E and essential oils of raspberry and grapefruit to deeply hydrate, soothe and protect the skin for ageless beauty.

Our Staff

Nancy Bertrand
Nancy Bertrand, is a licensed esthetician and educator, certified holistic aromatherapist, Reiki master teacher, intuitive reader and gemstone worker. Nancy offers exceptional skin-care treatments with the best natural, organic products money can buy.