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Book our skilled tradesmen for a service call or for specific flat priced services. Select the day and time that works for you. Note: the time you select is contingent on prior service calls, traffic and weather and not an exact time, but a block of time, morning, midday, afternoon. You will receive a phone call or notification from our tech when he is on his way. Note: we do not include patch or paint, fixtures or dimmers, in any of our services. If we have to cut drywall this is not included in our services or flat prices.
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Our Services

Book an electrician for time and material work at your home, such as troubleshooting and repair or any type of electrical related work. Time and Material rates: $99 is our deal price that covers gas, travel time, and first thirty minutes of labor. After the first 30 minutes it's $35 per quarter hour. If you have a specific task there are flat price services below. This cannot be combined with any third party deals. Note: the time you select is contingent on prior service calls, traffic and weather, not an exact time. It is a block of time. You will receive a phone call from our tech when he is on his way. Our regular retail rates excluding deals and incentives are a $199 service fee that includes travel time, fleet and fuel expenses, and the first 30 minutes of labor, and a $35 truck inventory, parts, processing and tax fee not covered by any of our discounts, deals and incentives.
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Heating & Air
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Install Ceiling Fan
No existing wiring. This includes rough in and install of a ceiling fan that doesn't have any existing wiring. Does not include fan or specialty switch.
TV Outlet
Install TV outlet. We can hide low voltage wires for additional fee. We do not do the terminations of low voltage wiring.
4 Recessed Lights
Doesn't include the fixtures or dimmers. Does not include patch or paint.
Dedicated 20 Amp Circuit
For a microwave, refrigerator, appliance, bathroom outlets.
Dedicated 30 Amp Dryer Circuit
Or any 30 Amp circuit
Dedicated 50 Amp Oven or Electric Car
Distance may effect price slightly.
Panel Replacement
Doesn't include permits or permit fees.
Replace up to 30 Outlets, Devices, Switches
Labor only, service fee and van parts not included. Standard devices only. Customer must supply devices.
Additional Recessed Light
Each additional recessed light we add after first group of 4. Does not include fixture or dimmer.
Tall Ladder
Rather than renting scaffolding or a tall ladder that would cost up to $200 to the customer, we have our own tall special ladder and only charge this small fee.
Attic Fan (roof top)
Does not include fixture.
Attic Fan Gable End
Doesn't include unit.

Our Staff

Cortez has lots of experience in the electrical trade. He's good at what he does!
Erik has been performing residential electrical services for over 15 years. He is reliable and great at what he does.
Sean Murphy learned the electrical trade from his father at the early age of 14 years old. He and his team conquer all projects from big to small.