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The Commodore Tonsorial Parlor

A classic/modern barber shop located in Chamblee, GA
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Open today until 7:30 PM

Our Services

Master Barber Haircut
Consultation, haircut, straight razor neck shave, hot towel with neck massage, blow-dry style - topped off with a touch of nostalgia and a cold beverage. **Skin Fade requests should book 'Foil Fade'
Foil Fade
Our proficiency in doing flawless foil fades (skin fade with zero stubble left on the bottom) has earned us a ever-increasing number of clients who request this service. Out of consideration for your time and ours, we have added an additional 15 minutes to the 'Master Barber Haircut' so we have adequate time to execute a flawless skinfade, and give you all the extras already included in our base service (Blow Dry Style, Straight razor neck Shave, Hot Towel, Shoulder Massage, Eyebrow trim).
'The Admiral' (Haircut and Beard Trim Combo)
This is a time/cost effective option for those who want their beard trimmed after their haircut service, and do not care for the hot towel or straight razor neck shave. **** If you you would like a steamed towel and full straight-razor neck shave with your beard trim book the 'The Commodore' instead ****Foil Fade Requests should add 15 minutes extra time to this service.
'The Commodore' (Haircut and Shave Combo)
Our haircut and shave combo - Experience The Commodore in true fashion. **** Foil Fade requests should add 15 minutes extra time to this service
Hot Lather Straight Razor Shave
Recline in our restored antique barber chairs and enjoy this classic rite of passage. Beginning with a pre-shave conditioner to properly moisturize and prepare the skin, followed by generous layers of hot lather and steamed towels, a multi-directional straight razor shave, finished off with a cold towel, a splash of aftershave, and a facial massage. The result, Pure Americana.
Beard Trim
Free-hand beard trim and shape up, straight-razor lining on cheeks, and a pass of the electric shaver under neck to clean any stubble. Finished off with our proprietary organic beard oil. We'll get your beard game strong. ** If you you would like to relax a little longer with your beard trim, enjoy a steamed towel and full straight-razor neck shave book the 'Hot Lather Straight Razor Shave' instead
Clipper cut
Even all over clipper cut , straight razor neck shave, steamed towel and neck massage.
Touch up
Get your neck de-sasquatched in between cuts. Clipper online, straight razor on neck and sideburns, and a steamed towel with neck massage.
Extra Time (add-on service only)
An option to reserve additional time (helpful for those who want basic designs, eyebrow edging, a shampoo, or want to add time for other time intensive services). *This is an add-on service only

Our Staff

Rob H
**Not Accepting New Clients** I cannot accept bookings from new clients at this time. If this is your first time visiting The Commodore please book with one of our other highly skilled barbers. Thanks!